Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Harcover vs Paperback 148

What if you could see how your life would unfold--just by clicking a button?

It's 1996, and less than half of all American high school students have ever used the Internet. Emma just got her first computer and an America Online CD-ROM. Josh is her best friend. They power up and log on--and discover themselves on Facebook, fifteen years in the future. Everybody wonders what their destiny will be. Josh and Emma are about to find out.

This is one of those books I've been excited to read ever since I first heard about it. But neither of these covers really do much for me, I feel there has to be a more clever way to show this great concept.

*Can't say for sure if this is the final final paperback, but Amazon seems to think so, considering the form it took on Amazon with trim marks and all I'm not 100% sure. 

Thanks to Marta who suggested this H vs P!

Have you spotted a Hardcover vs. Paperback you would like to contribute? Send me an email!


  1. I definitely like the hardcover cover the best, but I'm a sucker for Trade Paperbacks so will pick up that one. ;-)

  2. Of the two I like the hardcover the best. The PB is just so plain and blah!

  3. I think I like the hardcover the best too.

  4. I like the paperback better here myself. I like the use of the cord. That is very 1990s internet.

    (I did not like this book really all that much however.)

  5. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I like the hardcover more. The paperback seems really plain.

  6. I bought the hardcover. The paperback, as many have said here, is a bit plain.


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