Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hardcover vs Paperback 159

Emily Portman is an up-and-coming New York City editor whose life is everything she imagined it would be. She has a job she loves and a beautiful Upper West Side apartment with her husband, Sandy. But everything changes in one night when Sandy dies in a tragic accident, and soon Emily is stunned to discover that her marriage was made up of lies. Haunted by distorting memories of the man she lost, Emily’s only comfort is a mysterious, scruffy dog named Einstein, who comes into her life at just the right moment—and stands by her side as she confronts her own past, and embarks on finding new and true love.
The paperback wins for me by default. What's with the half picture on the hardcover, only half an environment and then black instead of background, very distracting. But either way the dogs are cute!
Thanks to HulaMonkey who suggested this H vs P!
Have you spotted a Hardcover vs. Paperback you would like to contribute? Send me an email!


  1. Yep, both dogs are winners in my book!

  2. Both dogs are adorable.

  3. The paperback seems to fit the story more. But I rather like the hardback cover too.

  4. This is one hardcover vs paperback where I actually like both covers a lot. They both are so cute! That doesn't happen with cover changes very often.


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