Monday, May 26, 2008

Lookalikes 3

Wow! Twice in two days! Minus the flip and slight blur these appear to be the same photo. Has anyone else noticed any others?

UPDATE: the new first picture appears to be from the same shoot as well, note the girl's shirt and the boy's hair.


  1. an interesting observation. i've seen the covers of both wild roses and twelve long months, but i never made the connection.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Charley! I happened to be reading about Deb Caletti and all of a sudden it just clicked! I think next time I'm in a bookstore I'm going to check out the photo credits for all three books!

  3. I love this feature! How do you spot these? Genius!

  4. Melissa-

    Haha thanks! I think it's a combination of spending way too much time on the internet looking at things and my background in graphic design which has made notice the small stuff! I hope I find more, it's way too much fun!

  5. Heya, in case you didn't get my email (gmail tends to mark it as spam), I found a new one for this collection! Look familiar? Same girl model as 12LM and WR, too!



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