Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Thingers!

Bop over to The Boston Bibliophile to learn more!

How many books do you have cataloged in your LibraryThing account? How do you decide what to include- everything you have, everything you've read- and are there things you leave off?

I have 575 "books" listed in my librarything catalog. Everything in my catalog I physically own, I do include comics and zines which can sometimes only be a handful of pages. I'm slowing getting the covers for these into my catalog. The only things I have that I don't include are books from my childhood that I'm embarrassed that I still have and hope to get rid of!

I'd like to find a way to include all the library books and what not I've read in there somewhere but for now I like it being a collection of what I actually have at my fingertips. To try and counterbalance library books not being accounted for I've put the books I've read in the last few years on this blog in a few different posts. I've been keeping a list of everything I've read since about 6th grade!

As far as wish list books go, those stay on my amazon wish list.


  1. I started my LT the same way you did- with what I had at my fingertips, and then gradually expanded. It's nice to meet you & welcome aboard! :-)

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Hey! Nice to meet another LT at Tuesday Thingers!

  3. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Wow a list since 6th grade, that's impressive :)

  4. kbookreviews-

    yeah! it all started one summer when my mom explained to me the holds process at the library and the fact that i could go onto the computer and HOLD HOLD HOLD books! I don't know if i was worried about rereading a Babysitter's Club book or what but I decided to keep a list! I actually just this January decided to do the same thing with movies, why not right!

  5. :D that's really amazing

    i'm sure i may have taken out about the same amount of books but to actually have read all of them that's a different story

    didn't you ever feel like, "this book sucks!" and stop right there? that's what often happens to me; i know bad habit

    with peace

  6. Actually a larger chunk of my books than I'm proud of I haven't read yet. That's why I'd like to find a way to include the library books I've read, since those I've read for sure!

    I can't recall many books that sucked that I stopped reading, I usually end up finishing them hoping they will go somewhere i do the same with movies, that's a bad habit as well!


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