Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bookmooch Inventory Bookstack Meme (what a mouthful!)

Over the last few weeks I've been posting pictures of the books I've gotten/received each week. I just love bookstack pictures, taking them, looking at them, thinking about them. I also love browsing people's bookmooch inventories, but for some reason I always seem to miss good books because I'm so visual, I recognize the covers (or spines) much easier than a name when I'm quickly glancing through a list.

I somehow came to the conclusion that it would be amazing to see bookstack pictures of people's bookmooch inventories. It would be fun, you could browse others inventories (though it would only be a snapshot since things can get mooched very quickly) and also maybe get a few people some mooches. Not that I have a ton of points right now....

So I'm asking any bookmooch members that are interested to take a picture of their bookmooch inventory and along with a link to it and maybe a little bit of information, do a blog post of it! A sort of meme.

I'm really hoping someone with an inventory upwards of 100 books will take a picture, I want to see it all inside one shot! We probably won't be able to see the titles but I just want to see people's physical inventories! It sounds so fun to me! If you'd like to play along, leave me a comment with a link so I can come visit and anyone else that is interested can as well!

Here's a link to my inventory (pictured above). A little bit about it, 5 of these books are my sister's. We added them over the last few months, no one has mooched from her yet. I told her eventually if no one does she can go and sell them to a used bookstore! I thought it would be fun for her to take part in! The other books are either ones I decided I didn't want after reading them or sometimes not reading them. I also like to swap out books for ones that are in better condition or a different format than the ones I have sometimes. I'm sure mine is very small compared to a lot of other users!

Tell me a little bit about your inventory! Don't forget a picture and a link!

If you aren't a member of Bookmooch you should join!


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    What a cute idea! I'll get my stack and do this tomorrow! :)

  2. Yay!!! I just thought it would be so fun! Hopefully others will think so too!

  3. that is a cute idea, I like your pics :)
    enjoy your reading.

  4. Naida- Thanks! Are you a bookmooch member? you should join in!

  5. I had not heard about bookmooch before. What a great idea! I am excited to start mooching:). Once I start getting a received stack then I will do pictures like you.

  6. Anonymous6:13 AM

    My BookMooch photo is here. Got a little carried away with the camera though…lol!

  7. Great idea. My inventory is in a pile in a plastic bin. :-)

  8. Mrs V- Can't wait for your pictures!

    J Kaye- Thanks for doing it! I should take some pictures of my book stacks, oh wait, you wouldn't be able to see them all because they are covered by other crap and other books!

    Marie- That's a good idea! Mine is just sitting next to my desk on top of a shoe box! :p

  9. Hi, I'm Yaya..also a bookmoocher :)
    Got to admit I'm a Bookmooch addict..hehehe...


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