Saturday, August 09, 2008

This Week In Books Or Why I Need to Read About 4x Faster

This week was a steady stream of books. Cringe.

Monday: well nothing Monday

Tuesday: When We Were Romans appears on my doorstep.

Wednesday: My mailbox is over flowing with packages that include The Wordy Shipmates, The Shiniest Jewel and from bookmoochers Uglies and Peaches. (I have so many first in a series books i need to read but that means I'd have to finish the series... I love series!)

Thursday: The Necklace is waiting on my doorstep and inside of the mailbox is Queen of Babble from a bookmoocher.

I quickly walk over to the downtown B&N (even though I'm a Borders girl) between my express bus and transfer bus to seek out Death By Bikini (I've been thinking of doing it the entire week and finally did) and when I get home, out of the mailbox pops Meet Delaney.

Saturday: I think I'm going to try and avoid Borders this week. We will see how that goes!


  1. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I have a big stack this week. It has been kindly suggested that I not purchase any more until these are all read. :( I have to! But I am so very weak.

    I wish I could speed read. What I have noticed is I read slower in the summer than in the cooler months.

  2. LOL! I know, I might have to go to Borders tomorrow. I just need to keep telling myself even if you buy this now I won't be able to read it for months so what's the use! I haven't placed an amazon order in awhile and I keep having to tell myself NO! I have a 20 dollar credit and I know exactly what I'm buying. I've already started thinking of another order I want to place. I'm really into the 4 for 3 deal right now, a lot of the YA books fall into that category! I also think I'll have to go to Half Price books by the end of this month, I have a coupon!! Better get back to my reading... er more like netflix watching!

  3. I also love book piles. Have you entered the book pile contest on LT? I am about to put mine up on my blog now!

  4. Lenore- I haven't! I thought about it for awhile. I should, hopefully i won't miss the deadline!


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