Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lookalikes 8

Ok, I'm not 100% sure but I think that's the same girl. She is definitely wearing the same outfit so it would lead me to imagine it's the same girl. Having her face cut in half on the first cover makes it a little hard to be sure though. These look like they should be part of the same series, same colors and everything! When I saw Popular Vote a few months ago I actually at first thought it was the same series.

So what do you think? Same girl?


  1. Definitely the same girl. And I'm sorry to say that the entire getup is not visually appealing in the slighest.

    Good eye, you have, Ms Alea :)


  2. I agree - definitely the same girl!

  3. It definitely looks like the same girl. I too thought it was the same series till I saw that the books are by two different authors.

    Very confusing

  4. I definately think it is the same girl because aside from the clothes, she also has the same glasses and hair style. They just had her move the ponytail to the other side.

  5. Same girl, definitely.

    On another note, I don't like the Popular Vote cover much, but I do like the Geek High one.

  6. Anonymous6:47 PM

    OMG - It's the same vest!

  7. Steph- Thanks! I love that we love these :)

    s. krishna- The only thing I had a bit of trouble with was seeing if she had on those earrings on Popular Vote. I'll have to find a larger image!

    Cheryl-That's definitely the trouble with stock photography! Confusing the readers is not good!

    Mrs V- Her face looks a little different to me but it's probably because we can only see half of it in Geek High.

    khyrinthia- Yeah I think Geek High works better.

    J. Kaye- LOL! That and the pink was my first tip off.

  8. Yes! They are totally wearing the same thing (cringe)...


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