Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Week In Books Or How I'm Doing A Tad Bit Better With My Buying Habit

So this week I didn't exactly buy nothing but I didn't do so bad. Decided to keep this picture in a scene this time, this is where i write my blog posts (my little laptop is hiding behind the books) Urban Outfitters has started selling more of the little vinyl toys I love so much so here are three I bought yesterday.

Monday: My Husband's Sweethearts arrives in the mail via the author :) Thank you!

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: Decided to peek in the library and see if anything had changed. It really hadn't but for 50 cents I bought The Healing Time of Hickeys, what seems interesting about this book is it's in a journal/diary format. I love those! It also has some really nice illustrations on the cover.

Friday: House of Dance arrives! I won this in the Story Siren's contest! Thank you!

Saturday: In the discount section of Urban Outfitters I found the cute little comic book, Teen Power and I've already had a chance to read it so it won't contribute to my huge TBR pile. This was a funny little collection of comics. They range from 1 to 4 panels and are all 5 minute comics! Then I popped over to a Barnes and Noble, wasn't planning on getting anything but then the new 3.99 version of an Abundance of Katherines was sitting there all cute in a nice display so I got it. I've read this about a year ago so it won't go into my TBR pile either. Funny thing is I went to pay for it, the lady rang it up and stuck it in the a bag... She looked at the screen and then went to look at the book again, couldn't believe how cheap it was! I thought that was funny!

How was your book spending this week? How are all the book ban people doing?


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I didn't buy any books this week, though I was sorely tempted.

    I loved My Husband's Sweethearts - you're in for a good read.

  2. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I am so proud of myself! But then again, it's still early. Let's see how I'll be doing in October. :) I'm getting ready to dump some of my books! I won't get them all read in 2008. And if that happens, I won't read them in 2009.

  3. Carrie K- Oh goodie!!

    J. Kaye- Ahh it's a race against time for you!

  4. I recently got An Abundance of Katherines as well. Woot for the 3.99 version!

    I loved House of Dance. Very well written book.

  5. ambeen- Yeah, and I like that cover a little more too, it's a little more sophisticated. I've heard great things about House of Dance so yay for that!


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