Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anatomy of A Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky

It's the day after Christmas, Senior Year. Dominique is at a football game with her best friend, Amy at Amy's high school. Dominique has her eyes set on college and becoming a doctor. She heads over to use the bathroom and takes a dive right into the grass. She's helped up by a cute boy, Wes. This encounter evolves into a relationship between the two of them. It starts innocently, trying to figure out who Wes is in the yearbook. Shooting him an email and instant messaging. Then they are hanging out in a group and then hanging out alone, soon enough they are in a physical relationship and they are about to go off to college....

I absolutely loved this book. I was reading another book, having a hard time zooming through it (I'm still reading it) and I thought I'd pick this up and read a chapter or two to see what I was in for. I read it straight through, well straight through for me. Started it on a Sunday and had it done by the time I was off the bus Monday morning.

The story line is simple but I love that. It's the exploration between this first relationship for two people. It explores what happens when kids leave home and start college, how things are bound to change no matter if you want them to or not. I love the progression of their relationship, nothing happens for months and the bam, it's really serious all of a sudden.

I liked the use of instant messaging and emails. It's very true to the times of how people start friendships and relationships. It's a innocent non-threatening way to get to know someone.
I've yet to read Forever by Judy Blume but definitely need to get to it soon. If it's anything like this book I'm in for another treat.

I think high school kids and parents should read this one along with A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl. They touch on different aspects of teen relationships and I think they make a great pair. I cannot wait to see what Snadowsky comes up with next! And I cannot say enough good things about this book, it was an absolute pleasure to read!

Anatomy of A Boyfriend is released in paperback this Tuesday, September 23rd!
5/5 Stars
Review copy provided by author

What do you think about the use of emails and instant messages in books?


  1. I can't wait to read this! And Forever by Judy Blume. :p

  2. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I don't love use of emails and instant messages in books. That said, it doesn't always bother me. LOVEHAMPTONS had emails and those were fine.

  3. amee- Ahh I know, I have Forever and I want to read it now! Probably will be several months though!

    j. kaye- Yeah, too much of something is never good. It's just one of those things I like, like alternating perspectives in books!


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