Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Week In Books Or It Could Have Been Worse

Average week, nothing too crazy!

Monday: Frenemies arrived from a lovely bookmoocher that reserved this copy for me!

Tuesday: Loose Girl arrives. It was a LibraryThing Early Reviewer's book from May. I guess part of the first shipment went MIA so the publisher was kind enough to resend to those of us who never received copies!

Wednesday: Along with the newspaper this morning a copy of The Summoning was found! I won this over at Book Room Reviews! Thank you Tracy!

Thursday: My weekly library bookstore sale turned up The Solomon Sisters Wise Up, which I read a little about earlier this week and The J.A.P. Chronicles which I remember checking out from the library a few years ago and never reading! Together those were $1.50! Came home to The Book Thief from a bookmoocher!

Friday: Took an earlier morning bus because of a time shift in bus schedules and popped over to the Barnes and Noble. My jaw dropped when in the bargain section I found The Sixties by Richard Avedon. It's a great book of his photography from the 1960s. I remember looking at this book in college, checking it out from the library. I only paid 12.99 for it!!!!!! Probably less than a 1/4 of it's regular price and I'm not talking about the retail price of +$100. I don't think this book is even in print anymore! I was in shock! Went to Borders that evening to use my birthday coupon and $5 in Borders Bucks. I picked up Fourth Comings which I need to read ASAP!

Saturday: Nothing! I went back to Borders with a friend but left with nothing! 

I'll be filling my laptop with tunes for my ipod this weekend and trying to find some more room for books. What are you up to this weekend? 


  1. You walked out of a bookstore with NOTHING?! I am shocked!

    I am so envious that you won the Summoning - it sooo had my name on it ;)

  2. Anonymous8:04 AM

    I look forward to reading more about "Loose Girl".

  3. I hope you enjoy Frenemies. I thought it was pretty good all things considered. There's a review somewhere on my site! :-)

  4. dont'ya luv Border Bucks? lol
    enjoy your reading.

  5. Lenore- I know. It's bound to happen every so often. ;) Actually it happened last week as well I think. Thinking of all the books I have to read I just couldn't enjoy myself at the bookstore and left without anything. The Summoning was a great surprise. I found out the day I got my new laptop, so it was a double yay!

    J. Kaye- I look forward to reading it, I thought it would never come!

    Marie- I searched for your review and couldn't find it :(

    Naida- I loooooove Border Bucks!


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