Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Thingers!

Today's question: Series. Do you collect any series? Do you read series books? Fantasy? Mystery? Science fiction? Religious? Other genre? Do you use the series feature in LT to help you find new books or figure out what you might be missing from a series?

I heart series! I do collect and or read a lot of series. Because of the state of my TBR pile I have collected a lot I haven't yet read. I definitely use the series feature on Librarything, I think it's just fun to look at! According to it I have 86 series covering 149 books. It has actually clumped together books that I didn't realized were considered series! My series range from fiction to chick lit to young adult to art to comics! I think two of the largest series I have are the Best American Short Stories and Harry Potter and the largest that I don't own is A Series of Unfortunate Events (I still haven't read the last 2-3 books and at this point I think I should just start over!) The feature is also helpful to figure out the order of a series if I'm unsure!

How about you, are you a series person?


  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    It shows that I have 6 books that are part of a series and one of them is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. That's not part of a series that I'm aware of.

  2. I love series but I love stand-alones too. I like having the beginning, middle, and end in one book instead of waiting three books to finally know how it all ends. :P

  3. Anonymous12:26 AM

    I like series, too. Some of my faves: Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon; HP, of course; Mitford series by Jan Karon; Kinsey Milhone mysteries by Sue Grafton; Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke.

  4. I don't think you need to start the Lemony Snicket's over again. It is good to read the last 3 all together though.

  5. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Oi... series are the banes of my existence. I collect them, and I usually start reading them when the first book in the series is first published. But I hate hate hate the wait from finishing one book and waiting for the next one to be released. I keep telling myself that I'm going to stop reading series for that reason but it never happens.

  6. I love series! Harry Potter, the Shopaholic, the Yada Yada Prayer Group, the Women's Murder Club, and any of the Amish series by Beverly Lewis. I'm sure there are more!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  7. marie- You are!

    bermudaonion- Yeah I didn't think that was part of a series.. weird

    amee- That's true, when it comes down to it I think I just like books in general!

    carrie k.- I think I remember you mentioning the Outlander series before, that one does sound interesting!

    lenore- I read all the rest probably within a 2 year period and remember thinking oh wow look at all these clues I wonder how it will work it's way back into the ending. I think if I just read the last three the rest of that stuff will be forgotten :( I've been thinking of buying the whole series from amazon hehe!

    court- Oh I hate that too! Luckily there are a lot of series I want to read that are either done or have several books out already!

    anna- I'm excited to read the Shopaholic series, the movie trailer looks hilarious! And one of my good friends loves the series!


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