Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Sanction: Novel Adventures Giveaway!

Day 4 of's Novel Adventures Giveaway!

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Today's Question: How do you feel about an author's series being continued after their death, what is an example of one?

From the Novel Adventures Website:

Jason Bourne returns to Georgetown University and the mild world of his alter ego, David Webb, hoping for normalcy. But after so many adrenaline-soaked years of risking his life, Bourne finds himself chafing under the quiet life of a linguistics professor. Aware of his frustrations, his academic mentor, Professor Specter, asks for help investigating the murder of a former student by a previously unknown Muslim extremist sect. The young man died carrying information about the group's terrorist activities, including an immediate plan to attack the United States. The organization, the Black Legion, and its lethal plot have also popped up on the radar of Central Intelligence, where new director Veronica Hart is struggling to assert her authority. Sensing an opportunity to take control of CI by showing Hart's incompetence, National Security Agency operatives plan to accomplish what CI never could-hunt down and kill Bourne. In Europe, Bourne's investigation into the Black Legion turns into one of the deadliest and most tangled operations of his double life-the pursuit of the leader of a murderous terrorist group with roots in the darkest days of World War II-all while an assassin as brilliant and damaged as himself is getting closer by the minute . . .

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Novel Adventure's Episode 4: Spy Girls


  1. I love the Bourne series - read all three, and I'd love to read this one.

    I guess I don't mind picking up with a new author as long as the quality is still there. In the case of VC Andrews, the ones she wrote before she died are really the best.

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I generally don't like it when an author's series are continued after their death. Case in point. Gone With the Wind - the "sequels" were awful. milou2ster(at)

  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    To be honest, I don't usually know that series original author is dead, although I did know for the latest Bourne book. I don't like it in theory, but don't notice in reality.

    djecse at yahoo dot com

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I think if it was the intent of the deceased, then it would be okay. JRR Tolkien had many things published posthumously, and I think that is okay.

  5. It really depends. Mostly I dont care for it but there can be some good ones. The VC Andrews books took a turn for the worse but the Dune books were decent.

  6. I'm not against it. I can say that JRR Tolkien is a great example of it being fabulous!
    For me, that is.'s dependant upon the ones involved in the process.

    No fluff stuff!

  7. I think it depends on who is doing the sequels. Philip Craig has a Martha's Vineyard murder mystery series I really enjoyed. He passed away a little under two years ago and another author finished one of his last manuscripts and I could tell the difference. It just didn't have the same "feel" to it.
    Please enter me in the contest.

  8. I'd like to enter this contest

    savvyverseandwit AT gmail DOT com

    I've never read a series continued after an author's death, but the only one I know of besides this one is the VC Andrews ones.

  9. I think if an author has almost finished manuscripts or a plan for a book I think it's ok for someone else to write it but don't like the idea of pulling new stories out of thin air.

    Great answers everyone!


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