Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Thingers!

Today's question- Blog Widgets. Do you use them? Do you have them on your blog? Do you know what I'm talking about? :-) A blog widget is that list of books "From my LibraryThing" and such, that you'll sometimes see on someone's sidebar. If you use it, do all of your books show up or do you have it set to only show certain books? Do you have a search widget, which would allow your blog readers to search your library? Have you ever made a photomosaic of your book covers? You can find widgets and photomosaic information on the "Tools" tab in LibraryThing.

I have one Librarything Blog Widget on my blog, the random books from my library widget. I've actually had it for several years and totally love seeing what randomly appears! I was wondering the last few months if it was possible to create a Currently Reading widget, right now I just have the picture of the book I'm reading on my blog but sometimes I do overlap a bit and read a few books at a time, but right now there is no way for me to show more than one book at a time. I poked around in the Librarything Widget page today and it looks like there is a way I can get it to work using tags possibly? Does anyone use a Librarything widget for what they are currently reading? I also think it might be helpful to keep my tags up to date!

I don't have a search widget, I guess I figured if someone was interested they could just click on the widget I already have to get to my library and browse around. I haven't made a photomosaic through Librarything but I used to make them all the time in junior high and high school, they usually ended up being images of pop singers, oh how my interests have changed! I got a kick out of the program that made them though, too much fun!

What's your favorite Librarything widget? Do you use one for your Currently Reading List? 

UPDATE: Success! I got my currently reading widget to work, the real test will be when I read more than one book at a time! 


  1. I couldn't figure out to get a reading now widget from librarything. I just got one from goodreads instead.

  2. What is librarything?

  3. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I so love your currently reading!

  4. Anonymous9:42 PM

    ok u can show, just use a TAG, like "reading"[ i use that ] and then create a blog widget for that TAG.

    I "show-off" my currently reading on my blog :D !! :)

    And i love, librarything :) absolutely love it!

    lemme knw, if u want me to help u out with the "currently-reading " :)

  5. Anonymous9:43 PM

    i just noticed, u already have it :)

  6. I love the LT widget - it is easy to update (supposedly), although I like mine just the way it is!

    Here's my Thinger!


  7. When I get a bit of time, I am either going to set up a currently reading or coming up soon widget...

  8. sharonanne- My currently reading widget is functioning and it's actually much easier for me to maintain that how i was doing it before!

    Emily- Did you see the link I sent you? Librarything.com

    J. Kaye- Thanks! Me too!

    Veens- Yup I figured it out right when I was posting this, I love it! Thank you for your help though!

    Wendi B.- So far my new one seems easy to maintain!

    Lenore- Oooh can't wait to see it :D


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