Friday, December 12, 2008

A Note for the Novel Adventures Winners!

Just wanted to let you who have won know that I got word that your books are in the mail to you right now via Priority Mail! Let me know when you get them and enjoy!

So who's doing something fun this weekend? Let's hear it! I'm hoping to do some reading (The Teashop Girls and The Grift) and that's about as far as I've thought ahead! Ooh and I'm going to watch The Dark Knight! This cold weather is sure making me want to stay indoors!


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Love that snowflake! :) Too cute!!

  2. I'm not sure what I'm doing - making a Borders run definitely bc I have some Borders rewards money...maybe going to a Christmas party...and definitely some lazing around!

  3. Anonymous12:40 AM

    So Cute :-)

  4. J. Kaye- Aww thanks! I have a few more I'm going to try and incorporate!

    S. Krishna- I heart lazing around!

    Veens- Thanks!

  5. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Alea ~ You really should. I'd makes your blog really stand out in a positive way. Makes me smile too.

  6. Anonymous3:08 PM

    My copy of The Bourne Sanction came today. Thanks again for hosting this giveaway!

  7. bermudaonion- Oh so good to hear! You're welcome! Hope you enjoy it!


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