Thursday, January 01, 2009

This Year In Movies: December

This month I watched 15 dvds total, 14 movies and one tv show!

Stepbrothers- Had a bunch of funny scenes but it started to get old after awhile.

Wanted- Not as good as expected.

Samantha Who?- Even cuter than I thought it would be!

The Memory Keeper's Daughter- Wasn't as depressing as I thought it would be, actually was sort of nice!

The Dark Knight- Pretty awesome, made me sad about poor Heath Ledger though!

Better Off Dead- A little crazy but I loved the romance!

The Happening- Utterly depressing, according to the special features it made me feel exactly how the director wanted me too which made me feel only slightly better.

Watching for Detectives- Cute but got a little old.

Elf- Rewatch- love watching this every holiday season!

American Teen- Wow, this was amazing! Must watch! (Check out the intentional lookalike above! I love The Breakfast Club!)

WALL-E- Rewatch, I adore this movie!

Priceless- Darling movie!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- Cheesy and annoying. Wish I had known it was about "aliens" no thanks to aliens!

The Women- Sweet movie- a remake

Say Anything- A rewatch- I'm still on my 80s movie kick!

What's the best movie you watched in December?


  1. American Teen is now a must watch, solely for dvd cover!

    Have you ever seen the original The Women? It's catty and bitchy and awesome -and nothing like the awfulness that the remake looks like it is.

  2. Yes Taren, the original The Women is fab!

    I saw Valkyrie on Christmas. I really love it.

  3. Better Off Dead is one of my all-time favorites. You should see One Crazy Summer (if you haven't already) for more similar John Cusack adventures by the same filmmaker.

  4. I hated Stepbrothers. It was just way over-the-top raunchy. Will Ferrell lost his spark after Elf. It was the peak in his career for me.

    I can't really remember what all I watched in December. I know I watched The Thornbirds because it took me 5 weeks, but it wasn't the best. I guess the best would have to go to Little House on the Prairie season 1. My mom got the first two seasons on dvd for Christmas/her birthday and we're still on the first. I love it though. She's not allowed to watch any of it without me!

  5. Hahaa love Elf and Stepbrothers. I am Will Ferrell's biggest fan (:

  6. I loved Elf-I watch it every Christmas, and it's so cute!

  7. Oh, I like how they made American Teen look like The Breakfast Club. LOVE TBC, and want to see AT.

    Best movie in December? Oh gosh, I don't know! I didn't see that many. I finally saw all of Interview with a Vampire, which was great.


  8. I saw Wanted, The Dark Knight, Wall-E and Indiana Jones (not necessarily this month) and agree with all your comments!

  9. Say Anything is THE best teen movie - ever!!! I mean John Cusack (sigh!) and I am old enough to have seen this one in the theater!!! when it originally was released - I still watch it a few times a year and still drool over Lloyd!!!! THE PERFECT GUY!!!!

  10. Anonymous4:02 AM

    wwo, thats way too many movies.

    I loved Juno and Enchanted too. Did you really like Salaam-e-ishq. I thought it was a not so good rip off of love actually and it was way too long...I liked the John Abraham part though(the one whose wife looses her memory) and I like the songs too.

  11. Wow, I looked up American Teen on Rotten Tomatoes and I definitely need to see it. I'm surprised our library doesn't have it. Looks like I may need to go to the video store for this one.

  12. I haven't seen the original The Women, they showed a few clips in the special features, I'll have to add it to my queue along with One Crazy Summer!

    See American Teen it is WOW!

    Amee- Yeah the part with the drum set got a little too much.

    Shooting Stars Mag- I still need to see Interview with a Vampire!

    violetcrush- Yes I actually really really liked it, way more than Love, Actually (actually!). The songs were great!


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