Thursday, February 12, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Author's Talking

Do you read any author’s blogs? If so, are you looking for information on their next project? On the author personally? Something else?

I do read author blogs more and more lately! My favorite to read is Melissa Walker's blog! She talks about a lot of great things but my favorite feature is Cover Stories! Where author's tell the stories behind how their covers came to be!

I guess when I read author blogs it's more to find out more about them rather then when say their book is being released. Although it's always fun to hear about a new book coming out as well!

What's your favorite author blog?


  1. Yes! I read Melissa Walker's....she has lots of fun stuff on there. Cover stories, giveaways, sneak peeks....
    Jessica Burkhart's to keep me up to date on her books...
    Linda Gerber because she is just awesome!....
    Barrie Summy's.....
    Lisi Harrison's because she is one of my faves and keeps her readers updated on what's next in the Clique (yay!)
    And I'm a new follower of Sarah MacLean's blog. What about you, Alea?

  2. Thanks for the link! As a wanna-be cover artist, it's perfect for the insight!

  3. I haven't read any author blogs in a looong time (sad), but I used to follow John Green, Sarah Dessen, and Meg Cabot pseudo-religiously. And Megan McCafferty's (retro)blog is always great to stop by occasionally. Oh, and I enjoyed Scott Westerfeld's too. :)

  4. I love reading author blogs and I read them for both reasons. I also love when they do blog tours and/or giveaways. As a teacher I also love to see tips about their writing process and sometimes I share their comments with my students in writer's workshop or readers workshop if it is a comment that makes them think more critically about the books. One of the latest author blogs that I found and have been reading frequently is Books, Boys, Buzz:

  5. I love reading author blogs. They are so full of information, insightful and fun to read. If you like mysteries or romance, check out the links on my blog.

  6. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I read Mellisa Walkers blog too. She is fun. I love Neil Gayman's blog too although I haven't read many books by him.

  7. Anonymous4:16 AM

    I read loads, and I think I added about 5 more from this week's BTT. I'm with you, I like to find more out about the author and usually I find that they post intelligent, fun stuff.

  8. Anonymous7:02 AM

    The only author's blog in my reader is Karen Harrington's. I do read some others from time to time.

  9. Scott Westerfeld, which is actually how I found THIS blog! He always has interesting posts about how the futuristic things in his books can be seen in elements of society today.

  10. Melissa Walker's is great isn't it? And I love that the commenter above me found your blog through Scott Westerfeld's! I remember how excited we all were when he linked to you!

  11. Bookworm- Those are some great ones! I'm been reading Jessica Burkhart's and Linda Gerber's blogs lately too! And I'm reading Sarah MacLean's book right now!

    NoBS- High-five, it's fun stuff!

    Steph Su- Yeah I've lost track of some too. I miss the Brotherhood videos, I'm like a year behind!

    Mrs. V- Oooh, I've been to that site, I need to go back again! Author blogs are so full of great information aren't they!

    Robin of My Two Blessing- Cool thanks!

    violetcrush- I used to read Neil Gaiman's too and haven't read any of his stuff, lol!

    Meghan- I sort of abandoned my reader and now only follow through blogger so i lost tons in the process, must refind!

    bermudaonion- That is one i've not heard of!

    gautami tripathy- Cool!

    Tara- Awesome! He sent me so much traffic, I was freaking out when i heard he linked to me!

    S. Krishna- Oh my gosh, I know how funny is that! I'm still Ahhh over it!


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