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Got You Back by Jane Fallon


Stephanie loves James. Married for nine years, the couple leads a busy, sophisticated life in London -- Stephanie doing fashion styling for C-list celebrities, James working at his urban veterinary practice for half the week and at his rural practice the other half.

But Katie loves James, too. Ever since the kind and handsome vet treated her dog -- then asked her out for a drink -- they’ve practically moved in together. For the half week he spends in the country, she looks after him, helping him get over his “acrimonious divorce” and waiting for the day he’ll stay with her full time.

And James loves having it all: witty wife and doting girlfriend. Then Stephanie and Katie find out about each other and discover they’ve both been duped. Deciding that James deserves everything he has coming, they set out to embarrass and ruin him. But in discovering the truth about James, they also learn a few things about themselves. Told from all three sides of the love triangle, Got You Back is a witty, fun and surprising tale about getting along -- and getting even.

Got You Back was a treat to read. From the hilarious plotting of Stephanie and Katie to Stephanie's clients being tricked into wearing a more flattering outfit Got You Back is full of laughs. But forget all the laughs, the book also deals with serious issues as well, people's lives being ruined and having to start over and having your life turned upside down when finding out your partner has been living a lie. Got You Back is a great book that covers a lot of ground.

My favorite parts of the book were when James was set up to be embarrassed in some way by Stephanie and Katie. The stories he told to try and keep himself on people's good sides where too great. But then after awhile I did start to feel bad for him and was rooting for him to pick up the pieces of his life. You could tell he was truly sorry for what he had done and was ready to start over again.

I really liked the character of Stephanie and how she handled the situation. Though, maybe it wasn't the best idea to work out a plan to humiliate her husband (though what fun would the story be without it!). I also liked Katie who brought a whole different set of cards to the table. At first she just sort of went along with whatever Stephanie said but eventually found her own self in this whole mess. I think all three of them, Stephanie, Katie, and James came out of the situation for the better.

The ending wasn't exactly what I had expected but after thinking about it a bit more it makes sense. Overall I thought this book was a great mix of things that came together to create a funny, interesting, emotional and layered book. Jane Fallon is very talented and I look forward to reading her other book, Getting Rid of Matthew!

Got You Back was released by Harper Collins Canada in paperback February 6th!

To buy a copy visit and click here to Browse Inside of it!

4.5/5 Stars
Review copy received from publisher

What is your favorite chick-lit book?


  1. I love chick lit. It is hard to choose a favorite, but the series that got me hooked on reading for pleasure again after being so used to just reading for classes in college was the Shopaholic series by Kinsella. I can't wait to see the movie when it comes out this month.

  2. It sounds great! The other reviews on goodreads seem to dislike it though. But I trust your opinion above those! :P

  3. This book actually sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm not even a big fan of chick lit. Nice review!

  4. I love a book that makes me laugh!

  5. This sounds really fun! My fave chick-lit would probably be Pen Pals by Olivia Goldsmith.

  6. I love all of the Jennifer Weiner books and Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Emily Giffin. Chick lit is such a guilty pleasure for me like watching Gossip Girl or The Hills!

  7. I don't know, for some reason it sounds very Lifetime movie to me, and they can go either way.

  8. I really enjoyed Getting Rid of Matthew, so I definitely want to read this one. I wonder if they'll release it in the States?

  9. I've corrected my interview answer now. LOL!! I'm such an airhead sometimes!

  10. I really liked Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes because it was set in an ad agency, but I never got into her other books (I read Watermelon and Sushi for Beginners and was very underwhelmed).

  11. I've never read one of her books before but this one sounds good! Hmmm, I'm not real good at picking favorites and I don't read as much chick-lit as I used to but the first book that comes to mind is The Red Hat Club by Haywood Smith.

  12. I just got this book in the mail today. Dying to read it now after your review.

    I love chick lit. I have read all of Sohie Kinsella, Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin just to name a few.

  13. Mrs V.- I have a friend that adores that series so I've bought the first few. The movie looks hilarious!

    Amee- I looked at that after you told me, mad that's crazy! I really liked it!

    Steph Su- Yeah it was definitely fun!

    bermudaonion- It was funny but also kind of serious at times. A great mix!

    Liviania- I just looks Pen Pals up, that sounds great!

    Emily- I love Jennifer Weiner's books too! I need to read Emily Giffin's books still! I'm the same way, I love Gossip Girl! The Hills... not so much lol!

    Taren- Oh boy. I do not like Lifetime movies... my friend likes to describe some to me, they sound crazy most of the time!

    S. Krishna- Yeah I'm not sure. It looks like maybe it was released but isn't out anymore? What I found on amazon was kind of strange!

    Beth F- LOL!

    Lenore- I think I might have that one! I know I have one of her books.... that's another sign I have too many not sure which it is!

    Ladytink_534- Yeah favorites are hard!

    Cindy- I hope you like it!

  14. Oh, no! Jane Fallon's books are smart and sassy, there's not an inch of "Lifetime" movie of the week in them. They have unpredictable outcomes and sharp-edged characters. But that's just my opinion!

  15. Oh I'm looking forward to this one - it's on my tbr pile - your review made it sound wonderful

  16. I'm not a chick lit. fan but I did enjoy your review.

    I added your link to the ARC Challenge post.

  17. ragdoll- You are right! I would run the other direction if this was Lifetime! I loved this book!

    Luanne- Why thank you! I hope you enjoy it too!

    Teddy Rose- Thanks!


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