Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Thingers!

Today's question: How do you get your books for reviewing? Do you track them somehow (excel, database, etc), or just put them in a tbr (To Be Read for anyone that doesn't know) pile?

Well when I originally decided to turn my blog into a book orientated blog I had already been a member of LibraryThing's Early Reviewer's Program for some months. So to start, I literally posted all the reviews I had done for the program! Then I started posting reviews of books that I was just reading (my own books) all the while still doing the Early Reviewer's books. Eventually I found things like Shelf Awareness and Bostick Communications (which found me). I think I've only ever received one book from Bostick (even though I expressed interesting in maybe 2 others). In the summer I received my first email from an author about reviewing their book and I was over the moon! I don't get tons of emails like that but enough to keep me squealing with excitement! I've also started getting books straight from the publishers from various sources.

How do I track them? Let's see. First I write the book down on a paper check-list to make sure i post my reviews where i want to post them, then a paper calendar, then a word document (which also acts as a calendar and a list of what I got from where) so basically I'm a bit over-organized to the point of confusion. I really need to pick one system and stick with it. Also, I have a bookstack stack that is divided by release month and then another stack of books that have already been released. And then, because I don't track these things enough places, can view them all through goodreads as well!

How do you keep yourself organized?


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I have my shelves and stacked in a way that only I can understand. I've told my husband not to touch them. I also use an Excel spreadsheet.

  2. Wayyy less complicated than you xD

  3. I'm not organized.

  4. I would hire you as CEO of my company any day....

  5. bermudaonion- Oh my gosh, how annoying would it be if your system got shuffled around!

    Yan- LOL!

    Liviania- I am sometimes and other times not at all!

    Beth Kephart- Aww!

  6. Ohhh - I'd be really interested in hearing what you have on your paper checklist! I'm desperately trying to make this easier, and I don't like my excel spreadsheet!

    Thanks for participating in Thingers last week! I've got the post up for this week - What's your favorite genre? ~ Wendi


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