Thursday, April 30, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Worse?

Which is worse?

Finding a book you love and then hating everything else you try by that author, or

Reading a completely disappointing book by an author that you love?

Definitely finding a book you love and then hating everything else you try by that author. I feel like I would keep trying and trying and trying to recreate that magic and I would hate being disappointed over and over again. Yet I would keep trying! Whereas if there was one dud in an author's body of work I could just try another or go back to another I liked!

What about you?


  1. I agree ... it's so frustrating to think you have a great new author to read and then to pick up other books that you chose only based on this author and then didn't like.

    I have one author in mind who wrote a sort of mystery/thriller that I really liked but then the next two of his books I tried were these bizarre existential things ... I barely was able to follow along.

  2. I agree. One dud in a line of awesome books is okay. One good book in a line of duds sucks.

  3. I say the second one because when your expectations are dashed, it sucks.

  4. Alea,

    I'm the opposite. I can't stand it when one of my favorite authors falls short (although I'll always give them another chance). Once I fall in love with an author, I can't wait to read anything they put out. So it's disappointing if it isn't what I expect from them.

  5. I'd have to pick:

    Finding a book you love and then hating everything else you try by that author.

    This has happened to me various times and I always thing that the other books would be as good so I keep reading. What's the saying "One bad apple doesn't ruin the whole bunch"??? So, I choose the 1st one for being worse.

  6. I am more disappointed with reading a dud by a favored author because I'm emotionally attached to the writer. Discovering a good read and then finding out it was the one book wonder for a new author doesn't sting because I hadn't become attached to the writer.

  7. I guess most authors have a dud (probably anyway), but if everything is a dud except one I find it a bit sad!

    Confession: I dont like teen idol by Meg Cabot.

    However I liked interview w/ a vampire by Anne Rice, I hate everything else that she's wrote.

    And Meg Cabot wins spot of honor on my shelf.

  8. Hannah1:50 AM

    I'd go with the first one too. Anyone can have a bad day/year/however long it takes to write a book, and if it's an old favourite you're more likely to forgive them anyway. And they'll be back, probably. But hating everything else by someone you had thought would be a new favourite, that's devastating.

  9. I agree- I hate when I really love an author and then they put out something so bad that I can only imagine they had to fulfill some kind of contract.

  10. Reading a book by an author you love, for sure.


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