Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Thingers: All Your Covers

Questions: Do you have any missing covers (they show as a plain gray book)? Did you have a favorite view (title, author, date entered)? Do you have any favorite covers? If so, is there anything they have in common?

Oh boy, yes I am missing a lot of covers. Mostly for hand entered zines and comics from my zines and comics phase from like a year and a half ago. For awhile I sat down and tried to locate covers to put in but I'm still missing a ton! I used to be very anal about making sure the cover matched my book right when I uploaded it but now I just sometimes catch a few here and there when I'm poking around in my library.

I have about a zillion favorite covers but the one that I've been thinking about a lot the last week is the cover for Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (click to enlarge). My main reason for obsessing over this cover is the type. It's one of my personal goals (which i'm totally not working on) to be able to create type treatments like that. It's just glorious! And the book sounds really good as well!

What's one of your favorite recent covers?


  1. LOVE that cover. the trees are subtle enough to make them creepy and cool and being from the south it really reminds me of the trees here. LOVE the pink tho. This cover i wont lie has creeped up in my dreams. Kami and Margie know...lol

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Kind of random, but how is Funeral of the Heart? (I saw it in your sidebar.) It sounds interesting ...

  3. And *I* love the cover mosaic you made! That's incredible. I wish the wall of my dorm room looked like that.

    Hmm, on second hand, maybe that's not a good idea because then I would definitely not get any sleep!

  4. Very nice cover!

  5. Ooh, our agent had an ARC of Beautiful Creatures when we saw her in NYC and it's GORGEOUS.

    The book itself sounds so cool and I'm always interested to read books written by two authors. Can't wait to pick that one up!

  6. I'm really impressed with quite a few of the covers that have been coming out recently. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie is the most fantastic green and The Last Dickens has atmosphere and a killer script.

  7. I learn everything I know about covers from you.

    And incidentally.

    Things in my own cover land may be changing. I will update you once I have an update.

  8. Wow!! Super cover -- so much better than a photograph. I love the font -- it almost becomes part of the tree branches. Wonderful.

    You have such a great eye I don't doubt that you'll go far in design.

  9. Alea,thanks so much for choosing our cover this week. We love it too! It will seem even more meaningful after you read the book. Dave Caplan designed it, and we love "the sparkly font," as we call it.
    We linked to your post on http://www.beautifulcreaturesthebook.com
    There's also more info about Dave there.


  10. nice cover, i agree :)

  11. Wow that is a gorgeous cover. I have to go read the blurb to see if it sounds as good as it looks 8) Good luck with that goal! I hope you achieve it.

  12. Wow - the type on that cover is beautiful! I also love your covers.:)

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I've got the post up for this week. ~ Wendi


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