Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rock The Garden

So every year or two (I'm totally not kidding) I find myself at a concert. Not sure why I don't go more often but it appears that I don't. This one was a lot of fun though. It was put on by my favorite local radio station The Current and also my favorite local museum The Walker Art Center.

It started in the late afternoon and went until about 10. It was really cool because the stage was facing a massive lawn so people could sit stand whatever they wanted. And tons of people from the surrounding condos got to sit on their terraces and get a free show too!

There were 4 bands in the line up; Solid Gold, Yeasayer, Calexico, and headlining were The Decemberists. Now the only band I was really familiar with were The Decemberists (and I'm not even terribly familiar with them, for shame) but turns out I had heard several songs from each of the other bands because of how frequently they are played on my radio station! I know I'm always looking for something new and different to listen to and I would definitely suggest checking out these bands. I myself just bought the Solid Gold cd and the Yeasayer cd after seeing them yesterday.

Luckily we were able to get pretty close to the stage after Solid Gold so I was able to snap a few pictures!

Ok so this is Yeasayer, they were pretty awesome. Now check out this tv performance of them, it's hilarious, where did all their hair go!

This is Calexico. I think they were my least favorite but they were still pretty fun to watch. They have people from all over the world in their band! Here's one of their videos:

And finally The Decemberists!

These two ladies were brought in from other bands to lend vocals to their latest cd, The Hazards of Love. Doesn't the lady on the left look like she's looking right at the camera!

My friend is a major The Decemberist fan and said this lady's voice was everything she hoped it would be live!

One thing I've always liked about The Decemberists is the artwork that surrounds them on their cds, websites everywhere. Here's one of their cds:

And this illustrator actually did the artwork for the first of The Mysterious Benedict Society Books, love it:

I was doing a bit of The Decemberists research today and found this video which I love, because it reminds me a lot of one of my favorite movies, Rushmore.

Here's a shot of the crowd!

And here's one of Solid Gold's videos, pretty cool I must say!

So hope you enjoyed a bit more of the Pop Culture aspect of this blog, gotta live up to the name right!


  1. Jealous about Rock the Garden! I think I am getting too old for outdoor concerts-LOL! But the lineup was amazing and it looks like it was a blast! I would have loved to see Solid Gold again (they are a favorite, although I am a bit sad that they are getting SO popular!). Glad to hear it was a good show!

  2. fun fun fun.

    that illustrator must really like to draw curly banners!

  3. I had never heard of The Decemberists before but I really liked that song! Now I am going to check them out more in depth. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Sounds great! There are some Decemberists songs that I really love.

  5. Anonymous8:52 PM

    The Yeasayers' music is cool, I could def dl them for my MP3 player. And the hair is really funny, too. The one dude is a bit spastic, I just stared at him the whole video.

    I'm vaguely familiar with The Decembrists, but not sure how. I didn't like the movie Rushmore, but I see what you're getting at with the video.

    Looks like a lot of fun :-)

  6. Eeek! I love the The Decemberists! I haven't heard of the bands though, I've might have heard some of their songs though. I have a friend that would freak out if she heard that you saw The Decemberists, she tried to drag me to one of their concerts more than 4 hours away... I love them, but not worth the train tickets and time.

  7. i have not heard of any of the Bands :(


    But you seem to have had a lot of fun :)

  8. I love the artwork (do they still call it an album cover?) and the connection to the book world!

    Sounds like a great day.

  9. havent heard any songs from those guys, but i love the illustrations. the illustrations were actually by the wife of one of those guys in the band... and they have a book together...
    freakin' awesome!

    1. It's it awesome! I actually got to meet them and have them sign that book about a year ago! I love her illustrations!

  10. love those illustrations... they're actually made by carson ellis, one of my favorite artist. She's the wife of colin meloy, the lead singer of the decemberists... freakin' coool!!!... they even have a book together...


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