Thursday, July 02, 2009


We're off! Literally minutes after launching the I Dare You to Accept This Challenge I've got my first challenge, from Sharon!

Here's what Sharon had to say:

Alea, I dare you to accept this challenge. And I'm also challenging you to a race, starting July 15 because, I like the number 15th!

Classic movies you must see before you die:

1. The Night of the Living Dead- 1968 version
2. Casablanca-1942 Shame on you for never watching this! I dare you to watch it at least twice.
3. Double Indemnity- 1944 one of the best film noirs ever
4. The Women- 1939 version
5. Bringing up Baby-1938
6. Strangers on a Train-1951 Hitchcock baby!
7. Gilda- 1946 Rita Hayworth at her finest
8. Touch of Evil-1958 Orsen Wells <3
9. Top Hat-1935
10. The Day the Earth Stood Still- 1951 last year's version sucked @$$

Check out the I Dare You Challenge Blog and also feel free to ask any questions!


  1. I loove Bringing Up Baby! You should watch anything with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant in it (not even necessarily them together either).

  2. oh i love casablanca! Definitely some good movies on this list :)

  3. I've seen Bringing Up Baby and it was so good.


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