Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This Year In Movies: August

In August I watched 9 movies and 3 tv shows on dvd... not bad! Most of the movies were for my I Dare You Challenges but I snuck a few other things in as well!

Kal Ho Naa Ho- This might be one of my new favorite Bollywoods. SO SO SO GOOD. It made me cry and laugh. Mitali challenged me to watch this one!

Bringing Up Baby- Kind of annoying. I know it's like the first goofball comedy but it got to the point (really quickly) where it was more annoying than funny. Reminds me of Meet The Parents, I don't like funny movies where the main character just keeps getting it over and over again. Watched this for an I Dare You Challenge from Sharon.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 2- I watched this mostly in July but finished in August. Still really annoying but I can't stop watching! Excited to see what will happen next...

Flight of the Concords Season 2- Awesome! I think I might have liked the first season just slightly better. I heard they are stopping or at least taking a break which is sad :(

Newsies- Pretty much exactly what I expected. Not sure why it took me so long to see it, it was nice and worth a watch. Tiff challenged me to watch this one for an I Dare You Challenge.

Dhadkan- Didn't really like this one sadly. I don't know what it is about these two guys together on screen, I never end up liking their movies together :( Mitali challenged me to watch this one!

Watchmen- Disappointing. I really must read the graphic novel. It was really complex in some ways and in others very very simple.

White Christmas- This might be my favorite classic movie EVER. It was so so so so so good, minus Vera Ellen's distractingly small waist and legs. Tiff also challenged me to watch this one!

Sunshine Cleaning- As great as I was hoping it would be. I love Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, this was great! I would have preferred the few loose ends tied up but I can deal. Tiff also challenges me to watch this one!

Dhoom: 2- I love these movies! I've been sick of action movies lately but the Dhoom series are great because they are a little action, a little comedy, a little romance, and a little dancing and singing! Great for someone that wants to try a bollywood movie but isn't really sure what to expect, good cross over. Mitali challenged me to watch this one!

Olivia- I always loved looking at the Oliva books and even have a mug somewhere! But when I saw that it was a tv show at Target I just had to have it! So freaking cute! I love the opening credits, wish i could find them online to share!

La Dolce Vita- Took me a month to get through. I think I could appreciate it more with some research about what it meant. Rebecca challenges me to watch it!


  1. Anonymous1:45 AM

    You seem to have watched some awesome movies. That reminds me to watch Sunshine cleaning too.

    It's not a problem with the 2 guys in the movie, the problem is with the movie Dhadkan itself. It's really bad. I'm glad you didn't like it :) I like the songs though.

  2. Weird ... I just watched Sunshine Cleaning and barely liked it. The acting was good but the plot bugged me. Amy Adams' character was so irresponsible and yet it all worked out for her anyway. I think maybe it bugged me more because I have an irresponsible single mom sister who also pisses me off. ;)

  3. I loved Bringing Up Baby when I was a kid. But I had the same feelings about it when I watched it again about a year ago. It seemed to go on forever.

  4. I haven't finished FotC Season 2 yet, but I love the episode about the cup! I do agree that Season 1 was better.

  5. Aw, I loove Bringing Up Baby! Too bad you didn't like it.

    I agree about Vera Ellen's waist. I saw it for the first time last year around Christmas and was amazed at how tiny her waist was. It didn't even look like she was wearing a corset!

  6. Okay a few things:

    1. Agreeing with violetcrush. Dhadkan was just plain bad.

    2. But Kal Ho Naa Ho was AWESOMEEEE! =D

    3. As is Newsies... that movie is cinematic gold, far as I'm concerned. lol

    4. Wait till you hear about Dhoom 3... they may have taken it too far ;)

    5. Flight of the Conchords 1 was a little better than 2... but them taking a break is a TRAVESTY!!! =(

  7. I'd like to see Sunshine Cleaning. I thought Emily Blunt was the best part of The Devil Wears Prada.

  8. I saw Sunshine Cleaning but I don't remember much about it. I guess that's not a strong recommendation.

  9. Growing up I had a very close friend who was OBSESSED with Newsies. OBSESSED. That and Swing Kids... and Lost Boys and Toy Soldiers (?). But I thought Newsies was ok. That movie will always make me think of her (long story short, she was killed in a car crash when she had just turned 17. Her mother was killed as well. It was hard...)

    Also, Fern Gully. Ah, memories.

  10. Aww I'm sorry Cat :/

    Everyone else, thanks for the comments!!!!!

  11. I just love Bringing Up Baby (hate Meet the Parents though...) and I really liked Newsies, could care less about Watchmen, and never got around to watching White Christmas (try Holiday Inn sometime- the title song was first performed by Bing in it).


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