Sunday, November 29, 2009

113 Things to Do by 13 by Brittany and Terri Macleod

Talk about drama! Your crush likes your BFF…you've got homework up to your eyeballs…the school mean girl is on the attack…a hot party is on the agenda and you've got nothing to wear. No worries: 113 Things To Do by 13 has all the deets on stuff you need to know now.

• Secrets to a sa-weet party look from Sephora's beauty pro.

• The best (worst!) OMG moments from girls just like us.

• The crush zone—four ways to tell if your crush is into you.

• A guide to which star is your fashion mate. Is it Vanessa Hudgens? Or Amanda Bynes?

• Tips to hosting the most rockin' sleepover ever.

• Stargaze with your astro-rific BFF and zodiac-celeb crushers.

• 4-1-1 on gossip, body stuff, cyber-bullying, money-making ideas and more.

113 Things to Do by 13 is a girly girl's guide to all things beauty, boys, friendship, pop culture and just plain fun. Brittany has written this book with the help of her mom Terri and has dubbed her age group "tweenagers", they aren't quiet teens but are just a few years away!

The book has a nice balance of fun and silly things such as pranks (your parents would have to have a good sense of humor to allow some of those indoors), astrology signs, and fashion shows mixed with a lot of serious issues like young people's changing bodies, doing your part for mother nature and internet safety. I think it covers a very broad range of issues but it's packaged to look like a magazine so it will definitely catch the attention of tweenagers and reluctant readers alike and expose them to some new things.

The book talks with a lot of current celebrities, which in a way will make the book dated in a few years but for right now, it's very current and will come off like a girl's favorite magazine. While the book would be best suited for a girly girl I think there is something for every type of girl in here, a lot of how-tos and ideas but also just general information young girls should have.

I think this would make a great gift (holiday or otherwise) for the tweenager in your life!

113 Things to Do By 13 was released on May 1st 2009
Genre: Young Adult, How-To
4/5 Stars
Review copy provided by author


  1. Hmmmm
    I wonder if I did all 113 of the things before I was 13.
    This sounds like a guide I could actually use today, despite being 27. . .

  2. Sounds like a fun read. Good review. :)


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