Monday, November 30, 2009

In Which I Praise Friday Night Lights (the tv show)

If you follow me on twitter I'm sure you've heard me mention FNL (Friday Night Lights) sometime in the past month. Or maybe you heard Jordyn or Khyrinthia (among others) mention it or read one of the Friday Night Lights Week posts that Adele put together. Or maybe sometime a few years ago someone told you to watch the show and you just rolled your eyes, like I did. I am here to tell you, these people know what they are talking about and you are missing some seriously good television.

If you have no idea what Friday Night Lights is here is a bit of information from

"...In the small town of Dillon, everyone comes together on Friday nights when the Dillon High Panthers play. But life is not a game; and the charismatic players, new coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler), and the passionate fans find that their biggest challenges and obstacles come off the field in the compelling day-to-day dramas of their tight-knit community...."

Here is my argument of why you should watch Friday Night Lights:
(it's a mish mosh brain dump list so please forgive me!)

- You say you hate football, well I hate it more. You say you hate jocks & jerks, yup I hate them more. But I STILL love the show. It made me actually care about these things I hate. (In this one isolated instance, ha!)

- Watch the pilot, but don't plan on liking it, it's way way way too into football, but you have to get past it to see the rest of the show. You know, you might not even like the first half of season one, but stick with it and good things will come your way. I wasn't crazy about the first part of the season, it was ok but I stuck with it and now I can't get enough of the show. Gotta give the characters a little time to grow on you.

- I didn't touch my netflix for literally the whole month I was watching every episode available, and that has NEVER NEVER happened in the several years I've had netflix. NEVER.

-The Taylor family. Adele was right, this is the best depiction of a family on tv I've probably ever seen. Seriously, I want them to adopt me, let's get the papers going.

- Tim Riggins. A lot of people think he's hot but I think he's HILARIOUS.

-Matt Saracen. Just.... trust me!

- All the other characters. At first I wasn't a fan of a few of them, but now they are all fabulous, for their deep flaws or their pure goodness.

- You can stream the first 3 seasons of the show (they are on season 4 right now) for free on if you are a member.

- I really don't know what to say, except please trust me and any other person that's mentioned the show to you and give it a good try.

After reading this post, if you are still not convinced go check out Adele's Friday Night Lights Week posts, they are what finally convinced me!


  1. Persnickety Snark convinced me a while ago, and then I forgot about it. Now you've convinced me again. I'm in the process of finding a way to watch it as I type.
    I just hope you're right, that I'll love it even though I hate football. :-)

  2. I lovelovelove Friday Night Lights!
    I'm sad because I cant watch the new season though because its weird and only plays on like DirecTV! :(

  3. Brizmus- You won't like the pilot and probably not part of the first season but eventually the plots will even out to a better balance and you will get used to the football. Let me know how it goes!

    Dani- It should be on NBC in the summer though right?

  4. I love FNL! We don't get direct TV either, but if this season is like last season, it'll replay again in the winter in a way I can watch it.

  5. Anonymous10:27 AM

    This show is amazing!!

  6. Isn't that funny - I thought the first season was by far the best and now they've gotten away from the entire point of the series which was how football impacts small towns and turned it into a big soap opera.

    I still enjoy the big soap opera - don't get me wrong - but after a while it turns into an After School Special each week with all the things that happen!

    I have been in love with Kyle Chandler since he was on the TV series Homefront back in the early 90's. I even suffered through the show Early Edition just to see his lovely face. When I found out he would be on FNL I just about died.

  7. Never watched it but I'm starting to think I should thanks to your blog. :D

  8. If I didn't love this post for being all about FNL then the several mentions of my name would have sold me. What can I say, I am a narcissist!

    FNL is a great show and if an Australian like me can love the show not understanding football at all, then people who hate it can too.

    The most important thing that you mentioned is that these characters grow on you. You empathise with each and every one of them with is an extraordinary accomplishment for a television show. YOu might not like them but the excellent characterisation makes it possible to understand (then empathise) with all of them.

    It's a show that feels like family, a crazy dysfunctional family but like home.

  9. Oh, I just love this show. I think it should be a law that anyone who attempts to write YA should have to watch this show first.

  10. I totally want the Taylors to adopt me too! Except I don't really want Julie as my sister. And I don't want to live in Texas. But otherwise, they're probably my favorite TV parents ever!

  11. HECK YES MATT SARACEN!!!! He is the best. Forget Riggins (I would say screw Riggins but then someone like Chelsea would come along and be like "GLADLY" because they are dirty.)

    I agree with all your points even though I am still not past season one! I love this show. It's the only football I care about.

    And your post is the bestest. It's tapir-awesome.

  12. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I'm watching it right now... I'm on Disc 3 of Season 2. Matt just got with his gram's nurse ;]

  13. I'll have to tell hubby about this. I remember when it first came out but I skipped it.

  14. I got sucked into a marathon on TV one weekend and FELL IN LOVE! It's such a great show.


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