Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hardcover vs Paperback 53

The Richest Season by Maryann McFadden



Self Published Cover


Sometimes you have to leave your life to find yourself again . . .

After more than a dozen moves in twenty-five years of marriage, Joanna Harrison is lonely and tired of being a corporate wife. Her children are grown and gone, her husband is more married to his job than to her, and now they're about to pack up once more. Panicked at the thought of having to start all over again, Joanna commits the first irresponsible act of her life. She runs away to Pawleys Island, South Carolina, a place she's been to just once.

She finds a job as a live-in companion to Grace Finelli, a widow who has come to the island to fulfill a girlhood dream. Together the two women embark on the most difficult journey of their lives: Joanna struggling for independence, roots, and a future of her own, as her family tugs at her from afar; and Grace, choosing to live the remainder of her life for herself alone, knowing she may never see her children again.

Entwined is Paul Harrison's story as he loses his wife, his job, and everything that defines him as a man. He takes off on his own journey out west, searching for the answers to all that has gone wrong in his life. One thing remains constant: He wants his wife back.

Joanna, however, is moving farther away from her old life as she joins a group dedicated to rescuing endangered loggerhead turtles, led by a charismatic fisherman unlike anyone she's ever met.

The Richest Season is a stunning debut about three very different people, each changing their lives when such transformations are usually long over. It will resonate with any woman who's ever fantasized about leaving home to find herself.

The Richest Season was originally self published so that's what the last cover, thanks Courtney Summers! This is an extremely easy choice for me, the paperback and I will tell you why. Over the past few years more and more books are going to route of things in the palms of someone's hands. It's gotten to the point where I am confusing multiple books. I'm actually starting a collection of these types of covers so feel free to email me if you want to add one to the collection, which I will post at some point in time. I'm not going to say it all started with Twilight but that's one of the earliest ones I can recall at this point. The paperback is a little generic as well but I do like the colors and simplicity of it.

Hardcover or Paperback?

Have you spotted a Hardcover vs. Paperback you would like to contribute? Send me an email!


  1. Both covers look like examples of overused concepts to me. I prefer the hardback.

  2. Thanks for writing about my novel! Yes, the third is my self-published cover, my own vision, and actually my favorite!

  3. Paperback. I like the pose of the models.

  4. I think I prefer the hardback but agree they're both a bit overused.

  5. I know what you mean about the palms, but I like the hardback the best. The color of the jacket (at least on my monitor) clashes a bit wit the reddish stripe at the bottom of the paperback and that bothers me.

  6. I don't like either but I think the self-published cover is the best. :(

  7. I like the hardcover much better than the PB- the PB looks too much like a romance with 20-30 something characters, and the book is more about finding riches, ala seashells on the hardcover.

  8. The hardcover is the perfect example of a book I run away from without even reading the summary. Just NO.

    Not that I like the paperback THAT much more, but I would at least read the summary (maybe).

    Even though the self-pubbed cover could use a more professional design, I prefer that "vision".

  9. UGH I don't like any of them. Nothing appealing :(

  10. I don't think I like either the hard cover or the paper back - they seem to be really far removed from the gist of the story. I do like the concept in the self published cover - it seems more apt for the story. It however, lacks in the way it was executed.

  11. I am not sure i like any at all.

  12. Hardcover! Although it's a bit TWILIGHT-y, I love the simple colors and arrangement.


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