Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hardcover vs Paperback 73

Tempted by Lori Foster

Original Paperback Cover

Reprint Mass Market Paperback

Three steamy classics from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster.

Little Miss Innocent?

For Dr. Daniel Sawyers, sex therapist Lace McGee is a puzzle. While she keeps putting inappropriate ideas into his sister's head, Lace is even better at putting naughty thoughts into Daniel's head. But just how down 'n dirty is Lace really?

Annie, Get Your Guy

No one likes being treated like a kid sister—especially by someone as sexy as Guy Donovan. So when Annie Sawyers sets out to seduce Guy once and for all, she tracks down every book about sex she can find. One of them has to work, right?

Messing Around with Max

Maddie Montgomery needs a couple of notches on her bedpost—fast. Rumor has it that Max Sawyers is just the man to show her the goods…and then some. Now, if she can just get past his dog!

I guess usually I prefer a photo cover compared to a illustration, illustrations can work but I usually have very specific taste in illustration. In this case neither are wow-ing me but they are both ok. I like the colors used in the illustration cover but not the title font and the reprint is I guess ok, the colors are nice but the photo is nothing special.

Hardcover or Paperback?

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  1. I like the top one better because it makes the book look like it might be cute.

  2. I cannot believe those covers are for the same book. One looks like playful, fun chick lit and one looks like a romance I'd be embarrassed to read in public. Bare skin on a book cover is the fastest way to get hit on while riding public transportation. Definitely the top one!

  3. Wow! Could those covers be more different. Both are nice in very different ways but I’m liking the top one more.

  4. The first cover is cuter, and the second is trashier but neither one is great.

  5. The first cover looks fun; the second -- yikes!


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