Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Interview: Carrie Feron, Vice President and Editorial Director of Avon Books

Ever since reading Sarah MacLean's 9 Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake I've been obsessed with the romance genre and have had a ton of questions. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to interview Carrie Feron, Vice President and Editorial Director of Avon Books!

1. What makes a romance novel? What turns historical fiction into historical romance and chick lit/women’s fiction into a contemporary romance?

A romance novel is when one of the major plots and focus is on the journey of a man and women to finding true love. In a historical novel, we could have many other plotlines as well as a romance, but a historical romance is focused on the one women/one man story.

2. What is it about the romance genre that makes it one of the most (if not the most) popular and addicting genres?

Romance stories have been told through history: in fairy tales, poems, novels, etc etc. People are endlessly fascinated by love – what makes it work? What makes it fail? What gives us the courage to put our hearts out there on the line again. Today in our office someone got engaged, and people crowded around her, admiring the ring. The first question people asked is: how did he ask? And the second: how did you meet? As humans we find inspiration from these stories of connections.

3. With the number of romance novels out there (and more published every year) what does it take to stand out in the crowd? What’s the sign of a great romance novel?

A great romance novel starts with a talented writer – someone who has a strong voice, and really knows how to draw out the tension. What it takes to stand out is being unique. Just like in love!

4. What are the must read romances for anyone new to the genre?

Must reads? So many! Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Meg Cabot (RANSOM MY HEART) for historical romance, Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ NOBODY’S BABY BUT MINE for contemporary; Christine Feehan, Lyndsay Sands and Jeanne Frost for paranormal

5. The romance genre is filled to the brim with so many sub-genres and sub-genres of the sub-genres, which do you feel is the most popular on the market? Does this change at all from year to year?

There are definitely trends in romance, and a strong trend right now is paranormal. But within that subgenre, other sub categories are bubbling to the surface. The good news is there are lots and lots of great reads out there. Visit our new blog to see what we’re up to! http://avonromance.com/

Thank you for stopping by Carrie!

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