Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weekly Dose of Crafts!

So somehow I didn't post last week!

This turtle is from Tamie Snow's Tiny Yarn Animals, I think I would have preferred that it had been smaller and I don't really like how my spots turned out. Overall still cute.

This mouse is from Amigurumi: Super Happy Crochet Cute by Elisabeth Doherty. He turned out very cute and tiny! Original pattern color was blue but he's totally cute in pink too!

This owl is from Amigurumi World. Turned out really cute as well. I made the body out of sport yarn which allowed me to finally make the amigurumi the right size instead of an inch or so larger!

Also from Amigurumi World it's supposed to be a hedgehog but I think it turned out more like a lion's head with a wig on. 0_o Not so good.

This is a monkey from Super Cute by Annie Obaachan. I fear it came out more like a teletubbie though instead of a monkey. Oops.

Banana from a Raverly pattern you can see here. I was sort of confused by the pattern instructions and the bottom half ended up thicker and inside out. I think next time I would make the peel part that's already peeled separately and sew it on later. Very cute and tiny though!

This hippo is from Easy Crochet Critters. He's totally tiny too!


  1. I think the mouse is my favorite. I agree with you on the hedgehog - I thought it was a lion until I read your caption.

  2. I want that owl! Adorable.

  3. I love the turtle!!!

    and i thought the hedgehog was a bear at first. eep!

  4. Love the hippo!!
    What about the sheep I asked for! :)

  5. omg they are so cute!!

  6. Love them all--especially the owl & hippo. Sooo cute!

  7. I like the mouse and the hippo best but they're all really cute!

  8. It too love the mouse and hippo. I'm sad the hedgehog (a mascot of lacemakers) didn't look more realistic.

  9. I can't stand it! I love the monkey!!


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