Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glee: The Beginning by Sophia Lowell

Calling all Gleeks!

Get more of your favorite characters in this official Glee prequel!

All great performances deserve a warm-up! Enroll early at McKinley High--before New Directions was even a glimmer in Mr. Schuester's eye. When did Rachel first decide Finn was more than just a jock? When did Puck and Quinn start their secret romance? And how did the fledgling Glee Club function without a fearless leader? Hint: It wasn't exactly a perfect melody.

Break out the gold stars and refill the slushies: It's time to find out what happened to all your favorite characters
before the show-mance began.

I'm still struggling on how to describe this venture from the screen to the page. There is some good stuff in this book and stuff really not so good stuff. But overall I'm glad I read it.

In this book we get more of everything from the characters, Rachel is more annoying, Finn is a little more dumb, Quinn is meaner. I sort of wish they hadn't been. But I think this comes from being inside of the characters head instead of being a spectator. I did like seeing how Quinn and Puck got together and how Rachel and Finn first bonded, stuff like that.

The book speculates that Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, and Artie were all in Glee Club before Mr. Schuester takes over (with Rachel joining in the book). I re-watched the pilot to see how they match up and I can't say I'm fully on board with them already all being in the Glee Club. Of course someone had to be in the Glee Club before, the old memebers wouldn't just all drop out when the old teacher was fired but still, something doesn't sit right with me. Why did they all have to audition for Mr. Schuester and it didn't seem like they really knew each other let alone had already performed as a Glee Club already.

A few horrible unforgivable NO moments I came across included Puck being referred to as Puck Puckerman, when in fact his real name is Noah. And the word Gleeks being uttered in the book. hell no! But besides that it was a fun book and I'm glad I read it. It does have some flaws but I'll live with it. Will be interesting to see where in time the next book, Glee: Foreign Exchange takes place.

Glee: The Beginning was released on August 3rd 2010
Genre: Young Adult, TV
3.5/5 Stars
Purchased at Borders


  1. Yeah, I just don't go for things like this. I'd be analyzing it like you did!

  2. I still haven't watched this but I know I'll love it.

  3. I HATE when tv shows get books series. Like Everwood. Or Full House. Or 7th Heaven. Or any number of series.

    I do love the show, though. How can you make a book about a tv show which has most of its appeal come from the vocals? That doesn't translate into a book very well, though.

  4. I can't think of any other tv series I would read the book for but this one I'm glad I did!

  5. You could have written this book!

  6. Were they able to "sing" in the book somehow? Did you get that theatrical type of performance?

  7. Sarah- I guess so. But it was more like performances gone bad. So it wasn't totally about the performance itself.

  8. I was definitely skeptical about this, and after reading your review, I'm happy I didn't. Thanks for the review!

  9. Love the show just can't get into the idea of the book. Your review furthers that feeling. I'm glad you liked it but I'd rather see what they've got on the show.


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