Friday, January 14, 2011

Lookalikes 133

 The Wife's Tale by Lori Lansens

Falling Home by Karen White

There is something about these two. While I'm not totally convinced they are the legs of the same person the angle is very similar and the focus of the photo is as well. Also both dresses have the same sort of trim. The foot in the air on the first cover has always seemed kind of off to me, so I think I will pick Falling Home for the winner here. 

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  1. It might be the same legs, it's hard to tell. The leg looks more muscular in The Wife's Tale but I think it's because she's balancing on one foot. The covers are a draw for me - I'm not crazy about either one.

  2. What about this one, too?:

  3. We had a different cover for The Wifes Tale but we have one I think its a Nancy Thayer book and it has a similar cover

  4. I think that it might be from the same photo shoot. I am also hard pressed to pick one that I like better than the other. But I think I'll go with the one in the green colored dress (skirt?) because I <3 green.

  5. They look like the same legs to me :) How strange!!!


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