Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekly Dose of Crafts!

So sadly my crafting rampage is coming to an end, but for a good reason! I got a full time job! So I'll still be crafting but not to the extreme I once was.

The last week was all about scarves for me. I worked on three different ones, hopefully I will finish one soon so I can wear it to my new job!

I did a little more work on the Chroma scarf, I know for a fact the other colorways look great in this scarf because several other people on raverly had the same idea as me and are doing this scarf!

When my ball winder and swift came I had to start in on some projects that involved hanks of yarn, I had to get my wind on! This strange triangle shaped thing is actually the pattern A Little Ruffle.

Yarn used:
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light 4284

I also started my first project in lace weight yarn. After a false start of another project I decided to make Melody's shawl

Yarn used:
Knit Picks Gloss Lace Yarn in Sterling

For more crafty goodness be sure to stop over at WIP Wednesday! And find me on Raverly as mint910.


  1. What Sarah said. Also, yay pretty projects! Maybe now I'll be able to keep up with you better. Nah, probably not. :)

  2. Congratulations on your new job! The Chroma scarf is looking fab!

  3. o.o i always find knitting amazing because i just CANNOT do it, no matter how hard i try.

    I take the easy route (crocheting)

    Really pretty scarf. I haven't done any crafts in a while...i probably should.

  4. I love this! But um, Alea, can you tell me the difference between crocheting and knitting??


  5. Thanks guys!

    Khadija- I actually found crochet a lot harder to learn, since I'm left handed and a right handed person was trying to teach me. 0_o

    christina- Crochet is done with 2 hook and knitting with 2 needles, hope that helps!

  6. Congratulations on the full time job!!

  7. Congrats on the job! And nice projects too! I'm off to add self-striping yarn to my shopping list. : )

  8. YAY job! Though I'm going through Alea withdrawal this week. I'll get over it...hopefully.

    The scarf is looking sooo good. I can't wait to order some Chroma too!

  9. I love the top scarf. Beauitful. I think I could find several outfits that it would look lovely with.

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  10. Love love love the Chroma! The yarn diet is keeping me from buying any ... especially because I picked up some Noro a while ago. What do you think of Chroma? Softer?

  11. Narwhal Love- I think the texture and softness is a lot like Mochi Plus so a lot softer than the Noro I've touched, I love it!


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