Monday, February 14, 2011

A's Valentine Surprise

Tonight I came home to a Valentine's Day surprise from A from Pretty Little Liars. I wasn't excepting anything from her so I was totally shocked and very excited!

As always she left a message with her treat but no clue this time. Wait, actually I was wrong, thanks to The Story Siren's post I realized the ? mark candy was supposed to be in the middle and on the bottom of the candy (you have to peel back the wrapper) there is a link to a clip from the show!

How cute is that? 

Is it just me or has Pretty Little Liars been getting really good lately? I always love the very last scenes of the episodes when we see A doing something but we don't see A!


  1. What an adorable gift!!

  2. PLL is my favorite show on right now! I'm completely hooked, and I always wonder if they're going to follow the books or totally go in a different direction on who A is!


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