Saturday, March 19, 2011

A leaves a spooky suprise on my doorstep

A from Pretty Little Liars just doesn't stop! I got home late-ish Thursday night and went up to the front door and saw this box on the steps, it was pretty dark because the porch light bulb is burnt out and I was like what on earth is this, it was a long rectangular box, when I went inside I saw it was from A!

 I thought it might be some kind of plant or flower based on the package and I was right!

 A cute little clover plant! I love the hand-written note from A, I don't think she's written me a note herself before!

On the little plant tab was the web address you will have to click the link to see where it takes you, this time it isn't a video!

Anyhow I'm super excited about the season finale of Pretty Little Liars Monday! The show has definitely been moving up my list of must watch ASAP shows!


  1. That is exciting!!!

  2. Lucky clover is a good thing! I have zero green thumb so it would be gone in 2.5 seconds at my place, haha.


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