Friday, September 26, 2008

What I'm Watching This Fall Season or I Swear I Find Time to Read Too!

So yesterday, I had to squeal with joy over The Office. When in fact there are a lot of fall shows, new and returning that I enjoy/look forward to. Some of them haven't even started yet! When I named this blog Pop Culture Junkie I wasn't kidding! Every fall I carefully consult the Entertainment Weekly, Fall TV Preview Double Issue to map out my tv watching!

Let's see what we got here: 

Privileged (CW-Tuesdays-Season One) is a brand new show about a semi-recent college graduate that gets a job tutoring two not so into school teenage sisters. You'll recognize the star from the tv show Reba! I love that she wears Rocket Dogs!

One Tree Hill (CW-Mondays-Season Six) picked up right where the last season ended, several years in the future still. It's about a group of friends that went to high school together. I think I missed about a season and a half somewhere around Season Four so I need to go back and see what I missed. 

The Office (NBC-Thursdays-Season Five) also pretty much picks up where it left off last season. Pam's going away to art school (squeal). I loved the new friend character at school with her, he's from Mad Men (and The Devil Wears Prada). I got into The Office oh man maybe last summer or fall. Originally I watched the first episode or two and didn't get the humor. But once I got hooked onto it this time around I couldn't stop watching it. I guess my taste in humor has changed a lot! I've seen a season of the original Office and it's just as funny. 

America's Next Top Model (CW-Wednesdays- Cycle Eleven) Cycle Eleven already! I guess they move fast with two seasons a year. I've been watching this show since the beginning and my favorite part is the photo shoots. I have a minor in Photography so I'm all about the interesting set ups and compositions.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS-Mondays-Season Two) is a show about two nerds that live across the hall from a beautiful girl. One of the nerds has a huge crush on their neighbor.  I love the geek, nerd, dork humor!

Ugly Betty (ABC-Thursdays-Season Three) picks up in the fall (the season ended at the beginning of summer) So happy for DVRs, I was able to catch up and by winter of the first season was watching with everyone else. Looks like Betty is in for a lot of changes this year!

Do Not Disturb (FOX-Wednesdays-Season One) takes place in a hotel. I just love the idea of something taking place in a certain work location (The Office). I read something tonight saying it might be cancelled but I guess it is being denied currently. I guess we will see. I love shows like this that collect people from other hilarious short lived shows and bring them together!

How I Met Your Mother (CBS-Mondays-Season Four) is literally the story Ted, the main character, is telling his kids of how he met their mother. But really it's a show about a group of friends.  I started watching this show midway through Season 2 out of laziness, I had just graduated from college and didn't feel like doing anything so I watched tons of tv. This past spring I shot through all the episodes so I was up to date. This show is hilarious, makes me look forward to Mondays!

Mad Men (AMC-Sundays-Season Two) takes place in the advertising world of Manhattan in the early 1960s. The second season actually started in the summer so it's probably half way through already. I've been collecting this on my DVR and watching it in little spurts. I finished watching Season One on dvd the day before Season 2 premiered!

Gossip Girl (CW-Mondays-Season Two) is based on the popular teen book series by the same name. Because it was based on a book I've been watching this from the beginning, it's pretty fun. 

Pushing Daisies (ABC-Wednesdays-Season Two) is pretty much a fairy tale about a guy that can bring dead people back to life but only once and only for a very short period of time. After a very short first season because of the writer's strike I'm very excited for its return. It was my favorite new show last year! 

Desperate Housewives (ABC-Sundays-Season Five) is the story of the residents of Wisteria Lane. I started watching this at the very beginning. Me and several friends in college would always get together to watch it. I love the mystery aspect of the show. 

30 Rock (NBC-Thursdays-Season Three) takes place on the set of a show not unlike SNL, created by Tina Fey. I'm actually watching Season One right now on dvd and plan to be ready for the season premiere at the end of October. This is one of those shows I didn't start watching right away and didn't want to start in the middle of a season so now is my chance to catch up!

90210 (CW-Tuesdays-Season One) is a remake of the original. I never saw the original but I'm liking this new version so someday I may have to go back and watch the original. 

There are other shows I know I'll catch on dvd like Chuck, Samantha Who, Private Practice etc but a girl can only watch so much during the actual season! 

Now this doesn't even cover my favorite shows of all time. A lot of my favorite shows have either ended or been cancelled in the past several years... that's a whole different post! As you can tell I like tv! 

So do you watch any of these shows? What show am I missing that I should be watching? Do you buy your favorite tv shows on DVD? Do you use a DVR recorder? 


  1. Great collage. :) I LOVE One Tree Hill. I'm completely obsessed with that show. And I'm liking 90210 so far, Gossip Girls, and of course, Desperate Housewives. Yes, I use the DVR when I have to work at night and to record the reruns on the SOAP network. How did you make the amazing collage? :)

  2. I just discovered The Big Bang Theory. I'm disappointed CBS only has like two episodes from the first season up (or at least since I last looked).

    I watch Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Top Model, etc. as well. I love tv too. It's a good suppliment along with movies during the semesters when reading for classes replaces reading for fun. ;)

  3. Wow, there would be nothing but fighting over the tv in our house - I don't watch any of those, and the only one I've ever watched is ANTM. I watch Criminal Minds, Project Runway/Top Chef (whichever is on at the time), CSI and True Blood. Not a big TV fan, I guess.

  4. I LOVE Pushing Daisies! I'm also watching Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Fringe. Lost is my favorite, but of course it's not on yet! I've also been watching True Blood and I LOVE The Tudors. I'm probably forgetting a few as well!

  5. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I also tune into Ugly Betty and Pushing Daisies from your list. I've wanted to watch HIMYM, but my mondays are already full (Heroes, Terminator, Chuck, Samantha Who) so that's one I'll have to catch on dvd. Life, Chuck, So You Think You Can Dance Canada will probably be my staples this fall, and Lost when it returns next year.

  6. I really need to watch DVD's of shows for all the past episodes i missed, but I do love the big bang theory and how i met your mother....and like i said, i need to see all the stuff i missed, but i know what's happening for the most part so it's okay and really funny shows!

    the new show Worst Week was pretty good as well last monday. I'm ready for the second episode! :)


  7. keri mikulski :)- Thank you! One Tree Hill is great! I somehow didn't watch it for awhile but thankfully my sister has it on dvd so I can watch what I missed! I'm very excited to see Desperate Housewives tonight! I made the collage by pulling all the images into Adobe Illustrator and just adding some strokes in between them. :) A lot of people like Photoshop but I'm an Illustrator girl!

    amee-That's a bummer, The Big Bang Theory is great! I wonder if it would be on another of those sites that collect tv shows. I cant' remember them off hand but I think there are 2-3 pretty comprehensive sites. And you are totally right, tv and movies are great fillers when you can't read for fun!

    lisa-I have basic cable in my bedroom so I that's pretty much what I watch. Some things like Gossip Girl and ANTM I watch with my mom and sister when there is time (they are on the dvr) but you are right. i've given up trying to use the tv in the family room! We have a bunch of Project Runway building up on the dvr, I love the challenges! I will definitely be checking out True Blood on dvd!

    s. krishna- Yay Pushing Daisies! It just makes me so happy to watch it! The Tudors is great too! I think Season Two will be out on dvd in the next few months so I can't wait to watch it!

    icedtea- Definitely friend HIMYM on dvd. It's so good/hilarious/smart. RIght now I'm watching that and taping Gossip Girl. Rather watch HIMYM right away! I love So You Think You Can Dance! I wish I could see the Canadian edition!

    shooting stars mag- Right now I'm getting a lot of tv on dvd from netflix. There is so much to watch! It's hard remembering a time when that wasn't possible! HIMYA and the Big Bang are great in that way that it is easy to watch in the middle of the season. It was pretty fun going back and watching from the beginning though too! I wrote down Worst Week because it did look funny, definitely get that one on dvd!

  8. Basically all the TV I want to watch happens on Monday nights, which leaves a heck of a lot of free time for the rest of the week. Except, of course, for ER - it is the last season, after all, and it's already made me cry. I am completely, unreasonably addicted to Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. And also Terminator, Heroes, Dancing with the Stars, Chuck - note, all Monday night shows. Why doesn't any other night get any of these?

  9. Anonymous12:37 AM

    I'm pretty sure you can catch sytycd canada on youtube, if you don't mind watching on a small screen. Try here, bootcamp week (Toronto in this case) airs tomorrow.

  10. elizabeth- Mondays are jam packed. At least we have something to look forward to at the beginning of the week besides work! And you are forgetting Big Bang and How I Met Your Mother, I'm watching those and One Tree Hill and taping Gossip Girl! I've given up hope on Heroes but want to catch Chuck on dvd.

    icedtea- Oooh I will have to try that this weekend, thank you. I actually watched a season of America's Next Top movie Canada and Australia that way, and possibly another country too!


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