Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Arsenic Soup For Lovers by Georgia Z. Post

Arsenic Soup For Lovers: When Chicken Soup Doesn't Work Very Very Very Short Stories for Very Very Very Busy People is a collection of just that, stories that are 2-4 pages long!

These are clever stories always with some sort of twist at the ending. Be it sweet, hilarious or evil! Personally I liked the sweet stories, people confessing their love to each other or role playing spouses. Some of the plotting cheating spouses stories were rather funny too. I always looked forward to the ending of each story and I didn't have to wait very long to get to it, a matter of minutes! I guess my only problem with this collection was in several cases the endings didn't make sense to me, they left me puzzled.

This would have been a great book for my bus rides but I actually read this over the weekend so it didn't happen for me. The subtitle of this book is very true, anyone can make time for a little reading with this book! Over the weekend I watched the movie, Married Life which I think was a great pairing with this book because of the plot of the movie and the plot of several of these stories.

At 62 pages this may have been the shortest book I have ever read. What's the shortest book you have read?

3/5 Stars
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  1. Have you heard of Flash Fiction and Sudden Fiction? Those are some very very very short stories (some are only 1 sentence!) that are really cool (we have 2 volumes of each). Daniel loves stories like this so I'll have to get him this - thanks for the tip.

  2. This sounds like good reading for my lunch break.

  3. Lol. That title is messed up! I've never read a book that short before (besides children's books of course)! Maybe a 150 pages or so is that shortest I've ever read before.

  4. My review of it will be up b morning....can't say I was as positive.

  5. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I agree. That is super short. You might have me beat there...lol!

  6. lenore- I know I've heard of Flash Fiction, not sure if I know about Sudden Fiction. Will have to look up! I definitely think they sound awesome!

    charley- It's perfect for short spans of reading time!

    ladytink_534- The title is sort of strange haha but it works.

    caite- I looked back in my archives and found a few unfavorable reviews of my own, had almost forgotten about them!

    j. kaye- LOL! I think i picked it up right away because it was so short! Could read it in the blink of an eye!

  7. I received this one as well. It'll probably be the shortest book I've read. I've heard good things about it, so hopefully I'll get a chance to read it soon. I'm going to bring it on the train with me...I'm sure I'll finish it on the morning commute!


  8. I've also reviewed this one on my blog.

    Stories are cute but they get repetitive. If she had varied the themes a little, I would have enjoyed it more.

  9. Anna- I love reading on the bus! It makes time fly!

    Lisa- I agree about the repetition. I think if the book was much longer I would have gotten sick of it.

  10. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Good words.


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