Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Thingers!

Tuesday Thingers is now being hosted by Wendi of Wendi's Book Corner, Marie of the Boston Bibliophile, (who did a great job) is passing on the torch!

Wendi's first question:
Here is a list of the main areas of Library Thing:
1. Home (http://www.librarything.com/, before you log in)
2. Home (once you log in, contains Your Home, Your Profile, Connections, Recommendations, Reviews, Statistics, Clouds, Gallery, Memes)
3. Profile (Recent activity, tags, comments, members with your books)
4. Your Library
5. Your Tags
6. Add Books
7. Talk
8. Groups
9. Local
10. Search
11. Zeitgeist (Stats, Top Lists)
12. Tools (Widgets, Store)
13. Blog

What area are you most familiar with? What area is your favorite? What area are you curious about? Are there any that you have not really looked at?

I'm always logged in so I rarely see the Home-home page. I'd say I'm most familiar with my home page, my profile page. I get to my groups from there so I really never go to Talk or Groups to access them. I also really like looking at the Zeitgeist page. I used to read the blog more often than I do now, need to get back to that! I visit the tools page every once in awhile to see if there is anything new. I also go to Add Books, Your Tags and Your Library a lot when adding in new titles and updating their statues from unread to read! One that I would like to explore more is Local!

What's your favorite LibraryThing feature?


  1. It sounds like you're an LT Junkie!

  2. Hey Alea would you like to do a link exchnge with me?


  3. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Great news about someone talking it over. The idea is a great one!

  4. I also start with the home page most of the time. I'm trying to learn more about the Local tab, but it looks like people have to input the information. . . I've got some questions into one of the staff members of LT.

    Thanks for participating in Tuesday Thingers this week!

    Happy New Year ~ Wendi

  5. bermudaonion- Pretty much, I'm not on as much anyone more with twitter etc!

    Katie- sure thing!

    J. Kaye- It's such great news!

    Wendi- Thank you for taking it over!


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