Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What's on your desk Wednesday?

Kristi of The Story Siren tagged me for this meme last Wednesday and while I thought it looked like tons of fun I fully admit to removing a pile of papers from my desk for this pictures so you could actually see what was on it. I also brought a few things over from my other "desk" (my bed) that are usually with me when I'm sitting at my computer. So yes, I cheated but it was for your own benefit, seriously!

So it sounds like I'm supposed to point out 5 bookish things and 5 non-bookish things on my desk and also tag 5 people. Let's see how many of the rules I can follow! I already broke one by tampering with my desk before taking the picture!

Bookish Things:

1. Well how did you get there Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris? I was reading this right before I decided to put together this post so it came over to my desk with me.

2. Under Dead Until Dark is the Richard Avedon book I freaked out about in my This Week In Books post from Saturday and between the two is my latest Library Thing Early Reviewer book that came in the mail Monday.

3. That little green piece of paper contains my little blogging schedule I put together a few months ago per what I wanted to post about each day of the week. I'm happy to say that months later I'm still pretty much sticking to that plan and posting everyday!

4. The manilla envelope to the left was a little press packet I got from an author at BEA, it actually contains information about my Waiting On Wednesday pick for today!

5. Underneath that is my review copy calender and notebook with checklists!

Non-Bookish Things:

1. Well of course my new phone followed me over to my desk as well, I love it! *pets*

2. My MacBook Pro is getting a rare rest while I take this picture, she needs a nap sometimes too!

3. I've only had my laptop since last September but a few months ago I started to notice these strange scuffs on the right of my laptop and couldn't figure out where they had come from! Turns out it was from my watch rubbing against my laptop when I was typing, I was horrified so now I always try and take my watch off when using my computer. So there it sits along with my new Andy Warhol watch I won last week!

4. My broken printer, ugh that just makes me angry. WHY DON'T YOU WORK! And then my dad made off with my one that came with my laptop, give it back!!!!

5. See that rainbow colored ticket? It was from the Rock the Garden show I went to about a week and a half ago, I just love the design, well done!

I will tag:

Lenore of Presenting Lenore
Khyrinthia of Frenetic Reader
Beth Fish of Beth Fish Reads
Polo.Pony of Garden of Books (For Teens)
Irish of Ticket to Anywhere


  1. Anonymous2:03 AM

    nice, I like desks covered with bookish things.

    I have this meme ready too, I might post it whenever I get a free slot on Wednesday :)

    You've read 71 books already? Wow, thats something.

  2. dude, why do printers ALWAYS break?

    This is such a cool feature.
    All the bloggers so far seem so organized!

  3. yay! i love seeing everyone's desks, so much fun! so is that the first sookie book, you'll have to let me know what you think about it!

  4. TheStorySiren- Yup it is, I'll definitely do a review once I finish it!

  5. This was a lot of fun. I need to get the Sookie books since I'm doing the challenge.

  6. you cant tag khy she did it already. :P

  7. what a fun meme :) Nice to see the stuff on your desk. I also need to start on Dead Until Dark :)

  8. I love seeing these. Fun fun fun :)

  9. Great post and photo! I was tagged for this before but I'll play again next week. Last time I took a photo of my desk. Next week I'll take a photo of some of my books. Too fun.

  10. Look! It's Sookie :)

    You have a lot on that desk there, but clearly you are far more organized than me. I have to get on creating a schedule and such this weekend.

    Oh and my macbook (which looks just like yours, LOL) rests over night. It sleeps when I sleep.

  11. Oh my, I am so late in responding to this, but I have honestly only just found it!

    Thanks for playing. I am impressed with your blogging schedule, I would love to know your secret! LOL

    I'm adding your pic to my flickr set for this meme, but just shout if you are not happy about that and I can take it down. I'm crediting you and adding your link, by the way!

    Take care,



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