Saturday, January 01, 2011

This Year In Movies: Recap

Here is my movie/dvd recap for 2010, another year gone by!! Movies and tv on dvd were almost neck and neck this year!

Total watched: 147 (last year: 119, year before 198)
Movies watched: 79 (last year: 100, year before 182)
TV dvds watched: 68 (last year: 19, year before 16)
Watched in theater: 7 (last year: 9, year before 22)
Rewatches: 14 (last year: 3, year before 17)

Total watched by month:
January: 9 (last year 14)
February: 6 (last year 6)
March: 7  (last year 10)
April: 12 (last year 8)
May: 5 (last year 5)
June: 5 (last year 8)
July: 9 (last year 13)
August: 26 (last year 12)
September: 20 (last year 6)
October: 20 (last year 12)
November: 17 (last year 9)
December: 11 (last year 14)

Bolded: Favorites
Italicized: Rewatches
*: Saw in theater


Secret Diary of A Call Girl Season 2
The IT Crowd Season 3
Handmade Nation
Ace of Cakes Season 1
Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 3
Post Grad
Dexter Season 3
Craft In America Season 1
Whip It


United States of Tara Season 1
New York, I Love You
Bright Star
Big Love Season 3
The Invention of Lying
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1


*Alice in Wonderland
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 2
Craft in America Season 2
Gentlemen Broncos
Couples Retreat
Four Christmases
New Moon


Make It or Break it Vol 1
Glee Vol 1
Gossip Girl Season 2
The Guild Season 1
Mad Men Season 3
The Guild Season 2
The Informant
Nip/Tuck Season 5 Part 2
Up in the Air
Friday Night Lights Season 4
Nurse Jackie Season 1
The Young Victoria


The Room
The Tudors Season 3
Party Down Season 1
Eureka Season 1
1000 Journals


Eureka Season 2
Eureka Season 3
It's Complicated
When In Rome


Did You Hear About the Morgans?
Eureka Season 3.5
The Bounty Hunter
Nip/Tuck Season 6
Valentine's Day
Drop Dead Diva Season 1
Leap Year
Remember Me


Degrassi: TNG Season 1
Degrassi: TNG Season 2
Degrassi: TNG Season 3
Dear John
Degrassi: TNG Season 4
She's Out of My League
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger
Youth in Revolt
According to Greta
Dakota Skye
The Babysitters
Falling Up
Step Up 2: The Streets
The Neighbor
Degrassi: TNG Season 5
Glee Vol 1
Shutter Island
Blue State
How to Be
Degrassi: TNG Season 6
Secret Life of the American Teenager Vol 4 
Degrassi: TNG Season 7


Degrassi: TNG Season 8
Degrassi Goes Hollywood
Degrassi: TNG Season 9
Degrassi Takes Manhattan
Gossip Girl Season 3
My Boys Season 1
Bart Got A Room
*Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
2 Days in Paris
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Dead Like Me: Life After Death
My Boys Season 2
My Boys Season 3
The Guild Season 3
Community Season 1
Mystery Team


*You Again
Popular Season 1
Bram Stoker's Dracula
The Riches Season 2
Just Like Heaven
Rocky Horror Picture Show

A Pyromaniac's Love Story
Ghost World
Shock Treatment
Popular Season 2
Pushing Daises Season 1
The Good Guy
Land of the Lost
Get Him to the Greek
Pushing Daisies Season 2
30 Days Season 3


Parks and Recreation Season 1
Parks and Recreation Season 2
Dexter Season 4
The Back Up Plan
Letters to Julie
Make It Happen
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Nothing Like the Holidays
Modern Family Season 1
*Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
The Office: Overtime
Date Night
Psych Season 1
Royal Pains Season 1
White Collar Season 1


Psych Season 2
Bored to Death Season 1
Sex and the City 2
Some Kind of Wonderful
Psych Season 3
Psych Season 4
The Blind Side
The Runaways
*Black Swan
Monk Season 1

What were some of your favorites movies you watched this year?


  1. Rewatches that are my absolute all time favorite: Goodfellas, The Sandlot, My Girl, A Bronx Tale

    Movies that I watched this year that were awesome: Precious, The Proposal,

    Great movies and TV shows on your list!!

  2. Bianca- I love the Sandlot! And I still have to see Precious!


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