Sunday, September 25, 2005


After 2 weeks of a crappy loaner laptop my laptop has returned to me with a new cd drive and heavenly widgets!! I have been waiting months to call a set of widgets my own. My favorite is the simple Hula Girl widget. You can choose between a hula girl, a hula boy, a hula jesus, or a hula homer. Good Good times.

Has anyone heard the new Franz Ferdinand song" Do You Wanna"? Great song with a hilarious video, poking fun at the contemporary abstract art scene. I've seen it care of MTV2 newly included in our cable package this year. yesssssss.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's crazy up in here

There are kids living in the lounges once used for homework and late night chatfests, there are beautiful apartment style dorms, a cozy new living room for my apartment and neighbors walking back and forth that we actually know. It's a new year here at school.

Got cable and internet today when it wasn't supposed to come for a week and a half, we got lucky.

I've helped with a freshman book discussion, got mistaken for a freshman myself, maybe that's good since i'm going to be 22 soon and am feeling old.

Over the weekend I watched:
Muriel's Wedding
Shattered Glass
Marvin's Room
Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone
Hocus Pocus.

I think this place is a book trap, I could hardly pick up any of my books to read even when i wanted to so much.

Today I had Product and Packaging Graphics and Painting, nothing much to report, nothing has happened yet.

I hope you all are hanging tough!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

49 cents a pop! has recently launched a part of their site where you can purchase and download short stories by an assortment or well know authors for 49 cents a story called Amazon Shorts. I guess they are exclusive to I think this may be of interest to some of you short story lovers out there. Cheers!

My Graphic Design teachers' dream come true

Original packaging always helps sell and promote the product...

Mighty Funny

Terror Alert Level
Current Terror Alert

I found this on the internet and found it mighty funny.

Going back to school tomorrow and it begins...
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