Thursday, June 29, 2006

One more thing

Please visit my photography portfolio at

and albino squirrels are very cute!

Haven't written in awhile is anyone reading this? If you are please tell me!

I haven't written in awhile but yeah is anyone reading this? Please tell me if you are.

What I've read lately:
The Chesse Monkeys- about the art/design department of a school in the 50s
44 Scotland Street- originally serialized for a newspaper, it's about the going ons of an apartment building
Hypocrite in a pouffy white dress- stories from a lady's life growing up in NY as a hippie child
Persepolis- graphic novel
Scrapbook- collection of work by Adrian Tomine
Bitter is the New Black- memoir of a women losing her job, and taking her prada bag to the unemployment office
Persepolis 2- graphic novel
Paul has a summer job- graphic novel
Breakfast with Tiffany- man taking in his niece to live with him in NYC, memoir

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Check this guy out...

googled Adrian Tomine and you will be amazed.
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