Sunday, April 21, 2013

Geek Chic: A Firmoo Prescription Glasses Review

So I've worn glasses since the 6th grade. I remember senior year of High School (ugh that was a long time ago) I got my first pair of thick frame glasses. That was before these types of glasses became super mainstream so I was a little self conscious at first but I loved them.

Flash forward to now, I've had pretty much the same pair/style of glasses for 6+ years. I have been wanting to go a bit more daring but was having a hard time picking a style, color etc. Too many choices!

My current glasses:

Those glasses served me well but the glasses were looking pretty worn and I wanted something a little more daring. For months I had been trying to figure out my next pair of glasses. Then one day I heard from an online glasses store with a global reach. They offered to let me select a pair of glasses with my new prescription to try out and review. So because of this offer I felt this was my chance to be a little daring with my new pair. So I really went for it (in my opinion.)

The pair I picked out, you can see them online here:

They came with a nice case, cleaning cloth etc.

So just like I felt back in High School, I wondered did I go to far, do these work for my face? At first I was a little self conscious but I'm happy to say it's been a few weeks later and I LOVE MY NEW GLASSES. A friend even told me these are the glasses I've always needed they totally match my hair and my style. And I have to say I agree! It took several days to get used to my new prescription but after that and wearing them day in and day out I love how they look on me!

Have to throw a crazy one in here!

If you are looking for your next pair of glasses I would definitely suggest They have a range of prescription glasses and even prescription sunglasses. The prices are extremely extremely affordable (I believe the price of mine were $26) and the quality is great! I might even have to get a second pair!

Their website is full of information on the glasses including reviews, pictures of people wearing the exact style you are looking at and a feature that let's you upload an image of yourself to see how the glasses would look on you.

And here is the very best part, Firmoo has a program where you can order your first pair of glasses from them and they are free, you just pay the shipping fee. Check it out here. 

Received glasses courtesy of Firmoo for the purpose of review
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