Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Newest Editions to my library

The Time Traveler's Wife- for my book club
Memoirs of a Geisha

Astonish Yourself: 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life
Holidays On Ice
Skinny Legs and all

... from friends (incidently also in the book club)

McSweeney's Quarterly Concern 13
Dos Logos
Logo Lounge 2
This Book Will Change Your Life Again!

....christmas presents

Reading Lolita in Tehran- from grandma

1930s Getty Picture Collection
1950s Getty Picture Collection
Brick Lane
The Birth of Venus
Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim
Citizen Girl
Running With Scissors
The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing

.... from my Half-price books run.... partially with the help of my aunt

The 40 yr-old Virgin
Starsky and Hutch/Ocean's 12- 10 dollars for the both of them at Walmart!
Love Actually-5 dollar Walmart bin

Coffee and Cigarettes

.... both 5 dollars at Hollywood Video

Bride and Prejudice


so i think i might need another bookcase.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm more of a loser than you guys combined!

and that's how I like it hehe. Nerdy... yup that's me.

You scored as Nerdy Girl.

Nerdy Girl






Popular Bitch




Preppy Girl


Athletic Tomboy




What type of girl are you?!!
created with QuizFarm.com

Not Pictures this time

Ok ok I guess you don't just want to see pictures???

Well what do i have to say? Yesterday I finished up putting around 300 pins and connecting them with string in a paper mache globe. I took 190 pictures of glassware. Today I started making my very first canvas boy does that eat up a day. I'm in the process of starting to design two wine labels.

Try Izze sparkling juice. The cans are so beautiful and it tastes good as well. Watch Desperate Housewives, it's funny. Start a book club, we haven't even picked our first book and it's rather exciting. Listen to Head Automatic "Beating Heart Baby." Haven't stopped listening to that song since the summer.

I actually had alittle time over the break to watch some movies:

A lot Like Love- so so. It had it's funny moments.

Kung Fu Hustle- dumber than I thought it would be, probably don't watch.

Maria Full of Grace- pretty interesting and predictiable.

Dear Frankie- really sweet. I'd suggest this one. It's about a deaf boy who's mother authors letters from "his father" who's supposed to be out at sea. One day the boy finds out his father's boat is coming to shore and his mother hires a stranger to be a dad for the day...


Friday, November 18, 2005

Thursday, November 03, 2005

More Photography

The assignment was to photograph something that was larger than a fridge but smaller than a boxcar... so i picked a shed. haha. not my best but the weather was not on my side.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do you want to buy it??

Since this is product photography i'm supposed to make the pieces look great. I think they look pretty good. What do you think?? Haha. Do you want to purchase my cheap jewelry??

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Emily

This is a diptych I did of Emily. I had about 2 weeks to work on it and I was in everyday. This is by far the busiest I've been here at school. No time to talk to anyone.... so if I haven't talked to you, you know why.

Actually no time to write either..... I'm leaving for the Walker in an hour and a half and I have to take a bunch of pictures first..... so I'm out of the library and off to my favorite blue shed to photograph it.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Product Photography ...well not actually

Here's some pictures from my technical assignments. We are going to get into the actual product photography now....

Saturday, October 01, 2005


I'm back on another loaner. Let's just say this has been an interesting first month of school!

In my honors technology class my group is looking into online communities, pros/cons, personal stories what have you. We are considering blogging as a sort of online community so anyone with anything to add to our research would surely be loved by my group!

Sunday, September 25, 2005


After 2 weeks of a crappy loaner laptop my laptop has returned to me with a new cd drive and heavenly widgets!! I have been waiting months to call a set of widgets my own. My favorite is the simple Hula Girl widget. You can choose between a hula girl, a hula boy, a hula jesus, or a hula homer. Good Good times.

Has anyone heard the new Franz Ferdinand song" Do You Wanna"? Great song with a hilarious video, poking fun at the contemporary abstract art scene. I've seen it care of MTV2 newly included in our cable package this year. yesssssss.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's crazy up in here

There are kids living in the lounges once used for homework and late night chatfests, there are beautiful apartment style dorms, a cozy new living room for my apartment and neighbors walking back and forth that we actually know. It's a new year here at school.

Got cable and internet today when it wasn't supposed to come for a week and a half, we got lucky.

I've helped with a freshman book discussion, got mistaken for a freshman myself, maybe that's good since i'm going to be 22 soon and am feeling old.

Over the weekend I watched:
Muriel's Wedding
Shattered Glass
Marvin's Room
Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone
Hocus Pocus.

I think this place is a book trap, I could hardly pick up any of my books to read even when i wanted to so much.

Today I had Product and Packaging Graphics and Painting, nothing much to report, nothing has happened yet.

I hope you all are hanging tough!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

49 cents a pop!

Amazon.com has recently launched a part of their site where you can purchase and download short stories by an assortment or well know authors for 49 cents a story called Amazon Shorts. I guess they are exclusive to Amazon.com. I think this may be of interest to some of you short story lovers out there. Cheers!

My Graphic Design teachers' dream come true

Original packaging always helps sell and promote the product...

Mighty Funny

Terror Alert Level
Current Terror Alert

I found this on the internet and found it mighty funny.

Going back to school tomorrow and it begins...

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Snapshots of Colorado

I took about 180 pictures while in Colorado and here is a small sampling...

A cute little bird that was hanging out in the Rocky Mountain National Park where it was about 40 degree. He just sat there as I took pictures, very nice.

Probably one of my favorite pictures from the trip, I really liked this tree and took a bunch of pictures of it. It's beautiful

One of the six bookstores I went to, this one was in Aspen. I was impressed because they carried several Graphic Design magazines, rock on!

End of the Summer Moviewatching

Sin City- third viewing, love the movie, it could be Kill Bill 3 in my opinion, wish there were more special features

The Perfect Score- some what better than I thought, it's filled with young stars that are making it big as we speak. But at the same time very predictable.

Miss Congeniality 2- similar to the first good for a laugh, rented in Colorado.

Because of winn dixie- nicely made sappy children's movie, but then again it was a book, rented in Colorado.

Fat Albert- rented by my sister, it was ok, sort of stupid, I don't recall how it did in the box office. Guest appearances but Aaron Carter and Joel from Good Charlotte, i bet that sold a lot of tickets.

Bride and Prejudice- from the director of Bend it Like Beckham, Bollywood meets Hollywood, a semi-musical that travels from India to England to LA and back again, has some hilarious characters.

The Upside of Anger- I was surprised to find out the gross radio producer in the movie was the writer and director! He is very talented. Had hilarious moments and sad moments, I felt like I didn't really get to know the daughters and felt like their stories were left unfinished.

The Brother's Grimm- in the tradition to ensemble cast action adventures like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, it had funny times and really cheesy times. It was ok though.

Constantine- much better than I thought it would be. Keanu Reeves was pretty good, enjoyed seeing the good and evil reveal themselves, I liked it

I Capture the Castle- nice, funny movie. Still have to finish the book, I was disappointed by the ending, I didn't want to be but I was, I felt bad for the girl.

Shaun of the Dead- hilarious zombie movie, the beginning is great and has some really cool shots but by the time the zombie war in going on full force it got pretty boring.

Dogville- it was a play on film, was about 3 hours long. Strange set and Grace's reason for running away was strange, weird ending.

Analyze That- less annoying than the first movie, but in the same tradition, it was ok.

The Big Chill- reminds me of St Elmo's fire but maybe 7 years later. Glenn Close and Kevin Klein and Jeff Goldblum in their younger years, I would suggest it!

End of the Summer Reading

Blink- newer book by the author of the Tipping Point, both were very good but I think I enjoyed Tipping Point a bit more. Read both and tell me what you think.

The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters- written in the form of letters and emails, sad story of two sister's one trying to make it in hollywood and the other going through cancer, fast read, it was ok.

The Idiot Girl's Action Adventure Club- hilarious set of short articles in the book form from a 20 something's life. It's hilarious non-fiction. I loved the stories about her neighbors, two little girls that would come over to bug her all the time.

The Namesake- great story about an Indian family moving to the US and their American born children.

Friday, August 19, 2005

End of the Summer

Going to Colorado tomorrow for a week and then a few days later back to school. So talk to you all later. Enjoy your end of the summer!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I felt like representing.

Motion City Soundtrack was on Conan tonight, good for them! Let this serve as a reminder of their awesomeness.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sin City Drops today!

Today Sin City came out on dvd. To me it could be considered Kill Bill Vol. III! If you haven't seen it you should. But if you have a weak stomach for graphic (comic) violence make sure to have your hand ready to put over your face.

Monday, August 15, 2005

My Week of Bookathoning

Lucia, Lucia- enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Set in the 1950s New York an young Italian girl and the most memorable year of her life.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- ooohhhh. So good. I read that thing like there was no tomorrow.

Me Talk Pretty One Day- hilarious, hilarious, thanks so much for the suggestion, you guys know who you are!

Nickel and Dimed- read it in a day in preparation for the Freshman Into the Book Seminar that I am helping with. It was depressing in a sense but also really informative at times even funny.

Thumbsucker- saw the trailer for the upcoming movie and then found out it was a book, set in Minnesota none the less. About a teenage boys addiction to thumbsucking, when it is stopped by his dentist he turns to a variety of other sources of fulfillment.

Now I'm onto BLINK

Recently in Movies

Spongebob Squarepants movie- my favorite part was when someone (some fish) yells out "You're a knucklehead mcspazatron", that was hilarious and when Spongebob and Patrick ice cream it up until they are "drunk". Besides that it was like the show, funny and then really annoying.

Thirteen- freaky, at times I would have liked some narration... it was a messed up movie.

Ella Enchanted- in the sense of Disney cute, the songs were not necessary, that was too cheesy, the Princess Diaries is much better

Vanity Fair- very long, spans several decades in Becky's life, some of the sets were really beautiful and some of the characters were great, didn't much care for the one we were supposed to care for though, the main character, but I guess it was trying to stay true to the book, same director as Monsoon Wedding, I'd suggest that

Elf- probably the 3rd or 4th time I've seen it, Will Ferrell is great, it's for children and adults alike, much better than Kicking and Screaming, plus it's main setting is NYC!

A Very Long Engagement- I've been dying to see this and it was really wonderful. Aesthetically it matches Amelie, the behind the scenes feature was really good as well. I would suggest it!

Envy- it was just as bad as I heard it was. Sort of pointless, funny at times but really stupid.

Get Shorty- I felt like I had seen this before, maybe on tv. Now I'm excited to see Be Cool.

Being Julia- I didn't really care for it, I don't see why it was nominated for great acting. It was a bunch of drama and complaining.

Talk to Her- really strange, it's about two men that meet at a hospital, one a caregiver and another the boyfriend, both of women that were in comas. It's Spanish, I guess I would suggest it if you are up for something out of the ordinary and sort of creepy.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Printmaking 2: The Final Prints


My 4th print, for the class project "Obsession". It has 6 pulls (layers) and is a full bleed print meaning when I printed it I printed right off the page. I made 26 of them because the people in the class that are participating are trading with everyone else that participated. So that's kind of fun, I'll have a collection of around 16 prints by other people. (This is actually not the exact version of the edition, its the same but this one has more yellow.)

Isadora and her pet tapir Crystal

This is probably my wildest print. It have 21 pulls so it was time consuming. To say the least its interesting. Basically its a wild rich lady with her exotic pet.
High Voltage

I've shown this already, but you can see at the bottom a hint of a gloss layer that reads "Danger". It was 10 pulls.


The same but with gray line work around the figure. It was als0 10 pulls.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Printmaking: The Progress

I thought since I had my camera out I would take some pictures of my as yet unfinished prints. I guess you could say they are different than what I usually do, but not so much. I'm trying to work more with pattern. They are close to done, the first one more so. All the main elements are present though.

Recently in Books

Bergdorf Blondes- finished this chick lit book a week ago. I had to read it because more than a year ago I almost picked it up for free because it was an advanced copy my local bookstore had received and it was free to anyone who stopped by along with probably 15 other books. I didn't get it and then a few months later it was a bestseller! I thought I owed it to the book to finally read it. It was pretty funny, documenting the fictional life of a rich NYC girl and her awfully annoying friends. The ending was all too cliche but still pretty cute. You'd know it if you wanted to read it, it's one of those books

The Pleasure of My Company- I picked this up at the school library last week while I was trying to kill time before returning to class to talk to my teacher. It's by Steve Martin the actor. I had read his other book Shopgirl and enjoyed it so I figured why not. This book is about a man with obsessive compulsive disorder and some of his daily observations from his window and his struggles to get to Rite Aid and Kinkos. It's really short so I would suggest it.

The Know It All- I am currently reading this book. It's one man's memoir documenting his year long journey through his 2002 set of Encyclopaedia Britannica (he even explains that strange spelling). Right now I am on the J's. He mixes interesting facts, his daily life: wife, friends, and job, with some of his journeys through what is smart. He has a great sense of humor and a lot of commitment! I originally heard him on a panel on C-Span 2 Book TV and am very glad I picked this book up!

UPDATE- just finished the Know It All and it was so great! Fun facts and a memoir. I forgot to mention he is working on a screenplay of his book now!!! Just started Lucia, Lucia, it looks promising.

Any suggestions... dont' worry I will have Harry Potter in my hands very soon

Last Two Weeks in Movies

Smoke Signals- interesting, I thought it was building up to something but it just sort of ended....

Fantastic Four- just what I expected, it was funny and full of action, didn't have a very good plot, but I was prepared for that

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- better than I expected, it was hilarious, go see it now! look for the new oompha loopma songs

Dodgeball- rewatched this for a second time, funny, but not as funny as Old School but in the same genre

The Graduate- really sort of strange, it's from '67 so I didn't expect to be familiar with that type of filmmaking, although the director is still directing right now. It was strange how two songs were played over and over again like 3 or 4 times. For a PG movie it was interesting what was shown and what was just mouthed instead of spoken, strange....

Bottle Rocket- Wes Anderson's 1st movie, this was my third viewing, I bought it for 2 dollars, even though it was an illegal promotional copy...... i wanted the movie and they were selling it! It's not as great as his other movies but it sticks with his theme of humorous dialogue and situations, I like it more and more everytime I see it

Overboard- classic 80's movie. It's hilarious and sweet. I hope you've seen it

Mean Girls- I can't recall anyone that doesn't like this movie. It's hilarious, has a good message and is based on Non-Fiction, usually those don't turn into movies! Great stuff!

Clueless- it was pretty much my favorite movie until the Royal Tenebaums came along, it still has a place in my heart. After watching Clueless and Mean Girls right in a row they sort of have similar stuff going on. You know what I mean??

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Trying out a new feature

Since I'm totally a photography person this could persuade me to intentionally take more pictures we will see. This is right next to my apartment. I think it's pretty.

Have there been any third remakes of any movies?

Because of the overload of movie remakes this summer it got me thinking. Why haven't there been any third versions of movies? Just beat an idea alittle more to death. There have got to be some but I can't recall any. Can anyone think of any. And I don't mean made for TV movies or straight to video.

Screenprinting: A Love/Hate relationship

This is my second time around in screenprinting, this time I'm considered advanced although all problems remain. It's been keeping me very busy the last two weeks hence no writing in the blog. So far I've almost completed two prints. I have like 2 layers (pulls) for the first, and about 6 for the second. So actually a lot more time and then after that 2 more prints. I'm pretty happy with my prints except for things refusing to line up, leaking ink, and a disgruntle screen that needs "surgery" everytime I take off the emultion. After every set of stencils is washed off more and more emultion is refusing to come off, creating clogs in the screen and not allowing ink to flow through in the future. The teacher has already used haze remover on it once which is supposed to help that. I'm going to have to use that stuff again. I think my screen hates me. I'll have to show you guys more work sometime. It's pretty different in some ways for me which is good. But you can still tell it's me! Hopefully in two weeks I will have 4 prints I have happy with, I wish there was more time to do more prints

Monday, July 11, 2005

Vera Drake/ I heart Huckabees

Since class isn't until 5, haha now 8 I had some time for some movies.

Vera Drake-I woke up early and started with Vera Drake before 9am. A bit strange and early I know. The movie keep me awake, now I'm tired of course because of it. It was a lovely story. Vera is a kindly British woman that helps people in all sorts of ways. One day in between calling everyone "Dear" she is taken in by the police for one of her acts of kindness. The rest I can't tell you. Do I have you interested???? Good movie.

I heart Huckabees- second time viewing, I watched it a few months ago when I was half asleep. That time around I wasn't really sure but now I know I like it. It's hilarious and fits perfectly with my other movies I love (Wes Anderson). I think you, the readers might enjoy this movie with its existential comedy and detectives. It's better with subtitles you can catch everything!

Do da Do Da Do

I was just told I don't have to go back to class for 3 hours because I already know the printmaking process. I figured I could kill an hour or so but 3! So I'm spending some time at the library, the closest air conditioned location to the art building. I went in search of the only David Sedaris book the library has and its no where to be seen, it's not checked out and I saw it on Saturday! So I've grabbed another book. I'd just go back to the apartment for my stack of books but its way way way way way to hot for that. I wanted to start reading but I fear either I'll fall asleep or lose track of time. So maybe just a few pages? I'm going to attack the video/dvd section in search of some new movies. But for now I thought I'd do some writing here. We will see how that goes. I'll probably end up going back early out of boredom.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

This Weekend in Movies (July 8-10)

I Shot Andy Warhol- Got an inside look at the "Factory" and the lady that shot Andy Warhol. I hear there is another Factory movie in the works. If you like 60s-70s culture and Andy Warhol watch it. It's based on a true story.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas- The beginning was hilarious but it just got sort of repetitive and annoying. I loved all the cameos and Johnny Depp was pretty funny. I was disappointed because I heard it was great.

High Fidelity- decided to watch it again, saw it a few years ago and didn't really like it. I liked it more this time. I guess I "got" it better. I like Nick Hornby's "About A Boy" as well.

Bad Education- I've seen two of Gael Garcia Bernal's other movies. They are always what I like to call "different", except for the Motorcycle Diaries. It was like a Spanish Hitchcock, even the music. I suggest this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- trying to not get too excited by the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I tried to distract myself with this movie. I had forgotten a few of the details so it was nice to watch. If you haven't seen this don't talk to me until you do.

Charlotte Gray- better than most war movies. Takes place during WWII a women sets out to find her lost love and joins the war effort.

The Manchurian Candidate (the remake)- pretty good. I enjoy movies like this, I can't say like what or I might ruin it for you. The ending was a little confusing but besides that good!

2 classes done 1 to go

Done with Nutrition online and Principles of Marketing, starting Printmaking tomorrow. I'll be gone 5-10 Monday through Friday. It will be interesting.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Response to Kelly

5 Things I enjoy even when no one around wants to go out in play, or something that lowers your stress level.

1. Going to a library/bookstore (actually this makes me overly excited)
2. Reading a book (or at least thinking about reading the stack of books that is sitting in my room)
3. Watching a movie I know no one would like (Wes Anderson films)
4. Going to my school library to read back issues of graphic design magazines
5. Doing "research" on imdb.com

Sunday, July 03, 2005

This Weekend In Movies (July 1-3)

War of the Worlds- awesome! Tom Cruise I'm still mad at you and I think the movie would have been awesome with a different leading man. I can't talk much about the movie without giving anything away. I loved it, my sister didn't freak out as much as my friends did so for you it depends I guess it might be scary it might not be.

Old School- haha. I never thought I'd like this movie but in the past year I've seen it at least 6-7 times. It's crude almost to the point that I would hate it but not. The actors redeem the movie at least for me.

The Motorcycle Diaries- it's a journey movie. Nothing monumental happens. It's about the younger years (age 23 or so) of Che Guevara.

Madagascar- funny. funny. Short and not the best of that type of film. But still funny. I loved the Lemur King!

Legally Blonde 2- seen this a few times. Watched it with Emily again because we felt like being lazy. You would know if you wanted to see this.

Batman Begins- wow. It was great. You've all seen it by now so I'm just agreeing with what you already told me. One of my only problems was the title, he's not a epidemic or a talking doll. Batman Begins what? Even the cliche Batman: The Beginning would have made more sense. They spent so much on effects and what not they could have thought through the title a little more.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Periodical Offerings of my school library

A list of periodicals that either looked interesting or amusing, you wouldn't believe some of the stuff my school invests in so it can just sit on a shelf because no one knows about it...

Art in America
Art News
Flash Art
Step into design
NY Times Book Review
Communication Arts
American Libraries
American Printer
Brand Packaging
Brand Week
Consumer Reports
Design Issues
Film Comment
Gifts and Decorative Accessories
Master Drawings
Magazine Antiques
Mac World
Modern Fiction Studies
National Geographic
New Left Review
Nations Restaurant Review
Natural History
New Yorker
Oriental Art
Photoshop User
Packaging Digest
Printing Impressions
Prepared Food
Popular Photography and Imaging
Saturday Evening Post
Supermarket News
Reading Research Quarterly
Reading Today
Snack Food
Tobe Report
Waste Age

As you can tell as I went through the rows I was getting sort of hungry hence the food sounding names.

It's too bad these brand new issues of really great magazines are not being displayed, they need to make some more space so we can see what they have especially since you can't find pretty much any of these by searching their online portal (its crappy)

This Weekend In Movies

The Grifters- I wouldn't suggest this to anyone..... don't let the big names convince you it might be good, it's not

Bewitched- lots of funny people, it's didn't have that something extra to make it shine, it's too bad I really thought it would

Wonder Boys- interesting, I've only read one short story by the author of the book it's based on, it had a star studded cast it's hard to describe but I'd say go ahead and watch it

The Apartment- the trailer looked better than the movie its self, but props for winning Academy Awards, I think (it's sort of a comedy and that does not happen!)

Bend it Like Beckham- one of my favorites it sparkles!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mix Cd exchange anyone?

I know blogs are sometimes known for doing swaps of some sort. Lately I've been really not excited with my music. I have been thinking lately that I'd like to make a mix cd of my music for someone but I wasn't sure who. Anyone interested in a swap. Your jams for mine? I know someone is feeling it! Let me know. Don't make me beg!!!

Mulholland Drive

watched it again for the like 5th time at least? If you haven't seen it you should. I think it's freaky and the first time I saw it I got angry and threw the case across the room. I was so confused. I don't really know what to say... it's different, sort of. More and more movies are following this path now though. Have a got you wondering? I hope so!

Land of the Dead

no not Dawn of the Dead nor Shaun of the Dead, I'm talking about Land of the Dead which comes out tomorrow. Anyone that is involved with choosing the title of this movie should be slapped on the wrist. Come on people seriously. I'm willing to allow another zombie movie into this world but could we at least try to be original with the name when the plot is already recycled??


Have watched it a few times on VH1 over the last two weeks? What are they men actually competing for? Are they going to be man slaves or servants? I know one thinks he's going to get to marry Ms. Hall? Ricardo? is that his name is finally gone.... i really did not like him ekk!


started our A-Z movieathon today out of pure heat and fear of heat. It pretty much consisted of naps and homework though. If you haven't seen this movie by now you shouldn't be reading any of this blog! I'm angry at you. See it now and I will welcome you back.

The Real World Austin Season Premiere

Talk about crazy. Hugh fight breaks out and one of the castmembers gets punched in the face right near his eye and a bone breaks! People can be so psycho. I think we are hooked though. Nice job MTV, someone might go blind and we are going to watch for fear of his safety! Nice job.....

Online Classes

I've just finally finished my online nutrition class and I'm not sure how much I'd ever want to take one again. I'm glad I did it, but with all the confusion about where things are and what they are and not having the teacher always respond to your emails? No thanks. I just this last weekend found out about a huge project for that class the teacher claimed to have emails us about... still haven't found it. The one fun part was having a British partner for the group project! Has anyone else taken an online class? What are your thoughts.

The Heat

We spent about 8 hours today sitting downstairs trying to stay out of the heat. It's not very fun to live without air conditioning.... what a waste of a day it makes

Monday, June 20, 2005

Too busy

I've been too busy doing homework for two classes and receiving emails from an ex-roommates mother.... Don't ask. The only thing I've done that was fun recently was go to a surplus sale, a drum line competition, play guesstures and watch c-span book TV... It sounds like a lot but it really isn't. Ha.

Expect better things to come eventually.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are engaged

There is just something ultra creepy about that. He's like 13-15 years older than her and seems almost possession whenever I see him in TV and magazines now. What's going on. Just last month Katie Holmes had a cover article in In Style about her new single life in NYC and how awesome it was, what a big fat lie....

The Princess and the Warrior

This German film is directed by the man that directed Run Lola Run and also stars Franka Potente from Run Lola Run and also Bourne Identity fame. It is similar in some aspects to Run Lola Run but also goes off on it's own to inspect a story that's even stranger than Run Lola Run. This mostly dramatic movie throws in some humor every now in then. Quick synopsis. A nurse is in a horrible accident and saved by a small time criminal. She seeks him out and I won't give anything away from there.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

VH1's 100 Child Stars

Considering we don't have internet and there are only two of us in the house me and my roommate have gotten addicted to VH1's 100 child stars series. So far we have seen 3/5 episodes. We sit in our chairs (it's so sad we have chairs we come home to now like old ladies) and watch it and think about all the homework we should be doing. The show is so great, seeing all the little kids that we watched when we were little like the kids from the Cosby Show and the Brady Bunch. It's hilarious to see famous actors that were also child stars. Sidenote: the guy that played Charlie in Willy Wonka is now a vet for cows, I can't remember what it's called. It's like 20 life stories in an hour! Watch!


I laughed a lot. Probably even more at the trailer for Bewitched! There had been so much hype about the movie I had to see it. It was really funny and I liked it. Will Smith was great as always. For some reason I kept getting confused about the time lapses. I liked it, and could see why so many people did, but for me it is not buy worthy. For awhile it was close but no thanks. Not much of a review.... Has anyone else seen it that actually has something to say about it?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Cable Guys: The Resolution

Turns out the reason our cable wasn't working after the cable guy claimed to have hooked it up was because he hooked it up to the wrong apartment. #4 had some free cable for a day!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Some more food for thought

If you are hungry for.... go to....

Bone-marrow soup- France
Dog- Borneo, New Guinea, the Philippines
Maggots- Mexico

These lovely dishes are courtesy of my Nutrition text book

Michael Jackson was cleared on all charges

The case they had against him was pretty weak where the family of witnesses was concerned. The prosecution should have used people that actually had a believable story..... if there is actually one out there. All I can say it that no matter what I won't ever listen to History the same way again and neither will anyone else. You may not be in jail but your career is pretty much gone for good.

Why small towns need more choices when it comes to cable and internet providers.

Our cable company accidentally canceled our basic cable. So someone saw going to come out and reconnect it today. My roommate saw them today working on it and what did they do? Not connect it. So I called back later is afternoon and they said they were going to send someone out again, 5 hours later it was dark out and no one had come. And I just spent the last hour on hold, only to have my call disconnect 3 times due to a weak signal because of weather. I'm going to call back tomorrow probably wishing there was another company I could threaten to switch over to.... I don't think there is one though! Damn it!

Destiny's Child Splits For the Final Time

I'm sorry but thank goodness... but what could really make my day is if Beyonce was retiring. She's just going to jump back into the spotlight once she ditches her band and "Dangerously In Love" was annoying enough to give me nightmares for the next few years. Retire please, go away, take a break.

On a sidenote I did once like Destiny's Child but that was pretty much made up of other people, remember how there have been like 7 members to that group.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Interpreter

Saw it for like 2 dollars and I'd say it was well worth it It stars Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman plays an interpreter that over hears an assassination plot. Sean Penn plays, I can't remember his title exactly but involved in protecting foreign dignitaries. The movie gave off the feel of The Runaway Jury, suspense, big named stars, politics, things aren't always what they seem sort of thing. It got a little confusing at times with so many faces and no information but by the end I was totally predicting what was going to happen. If the trailer looks go it's for you.

21 Grams

It's a movie about nothing and "everything" at the same time. We've got Naomi Watts doing what she does best, I guess, crying and screaming and looking so scared (I swear her scenes look like they could have come out of Mulholland Drive or the previews I saw for the Ring. Come on do some more funny stuff like "I Heart Huckebees" and what's so awesome about playing American's all the time, show off that British accent. Benicio Del Toro playing a messed up guy with problems but like two positive qualities and Sean Penn not really talking much and just making emotional facial gestures. It's depressing enough that I don't really feel like I'll need to watch it again, it comes with a Memento like sequencing and a classic vague ending. If you're hard core movies or like depressing movies see it if not ehh I'd pass.


Jamie Foxx does deserve the Oscar, until I saw the movie I was like ahh come on. But he deserves it. He was Ray Charles he played all those songs himself and playing the character blind when he didn't have to. I always knew I liked you Jamie Foxx.

I did realize that after seeing so many biopics (The Aviator, Pollock, Finding Neverland, A Beautiful Mind and like a million others) I always am so excited to go see them and then they are like really long and depressing and I feel sad afterwards. I'm always glad I saw them but towards the end it feels like a task. Maybe there is too much sadness in these great lives and what I really love is laughter? Oh well at least I learn a little bit of history (which is usually only based on the facts.... eh.)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Kicking and Screaming

I went thinking Will Ferrell could do no wrong these days and I came out feeling just about the same. The movie was for kids and adults alike, although I'm sure more adults would find his humor more entertaining then little kids. For the kids we had to little kids that are bad at sports movie who in the end get better.... wow I didn't see that one coming. There's the uncle that's the same age as his nephew, Richard from "Felicity", the lady from "Best Week Ever". Overall great stuff, if you like Will Ferrell you'll probably like this. It's not his funniest ever, yet still hilarious enough for me to feel bad for laughing so loud so many times!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Mr and Mrs Smith

Great movie. It had humor- granted similar stuff over and over again but it didn't wear it's welcome, action- guns, knives, bombs, hand to hand combat, car chases, shoot out in an Ikea like store, making fun of suburban life, Adam Broady from the O.C., Vince Vaughn, and two great leading actors doing what do they best.

Go see it.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mini DVD

Check this out. It's a mini dvd about 3 inches instead of 5 across. You can buy a hand held player to watch them on or play them on most normal dvd players. I'm not so sure this is a great new idea. People love tv's that are bigger and laptops with huge screens. Who's going to want to watch a movie on a screen that's only a few inches wide? And the prices? I saw Kill Bill for like 27 dollars on a mini dvd how does that make sense? Other movies and tv pilots are around 10 dollars. It's not even guaranteed to work on normal dvd players only some or most according to the packaging. I'm not so sure this new innovation was really thought out.... No thanks people.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


From my Nutrition Now textbook:

"When did I start eating clay? I know it might sound strange to you, but I started craving clay in the summer of '58. It was a beautiful spring morning- it had just rained. I smelled something really sweet in the breeze coming in my bedroom window. I went outside and knew instantly where the sweet smell was coming from. It was the wet clay that lies all around my house. I scooped some up and tasted it. That's when and how I started my craving for that sweet-smelling clay. I keep some in the fridge now because it tastes even better cold."

Pica- the regular consumption of nonfood substances such as clay or laundry starch.

A list of nonfood substances reported to be consumed by individuals with pica:

animal droppings
baking soda
burnt matches
cigarette butts
coffee grounds
foam rubber
laundry starch
nylon stockings
paint chips

Now if that isn't food for thought I don't know what is!

A Royal Tenebaums Reference

Those of you that know me know how I loooooove the Royal Tenebaums. I just recently started reading this book "Bergdorf Blondes" mainly because I almost got it free about a year ago when it was a prerelease copy and now it's gone bestseller! I figured I owed it to the book to give it a try, boy did it pay me back. With a Royal Tenebaums reference!!

" I was suddenly, smack-dab in the middle of my own coup de foudre, just like the brother and sister falling for each other in The Royal Tenebaums.

The narrator is not talking about her own sibling but it works!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Cable Guy

Today we had to have our cable internet looked at again for the second time in a week. I got the pleasure of dealing with it. Right now I'm sick of talking to cable companies so yeah. He figured out the problem and fixed and but then insisted on checking to see if videos played off the internet at ebaumsworld. That was a little bizarre I thought, yeah I'd been there but it was still sort of strange, is he actually supposed to be doing that? So after one whale video and one breakdancing video he was satisfied our internet was ok.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Little Kids Should Not Have Cell Phones

This is more of a story about why little kids should not have cell phones.

About a month ago I tried to call a friend of mine, he didn't pick up and the voice mail sounded like an old lady with a really high voice so I figured wrong number. (Turns out that was his old number that now belongs to someone else.) About two days later this person called me back, I thought it was an old lady so I picked it up I was curious. The thing is I couldn't hear anything they were saying because I was in a restaurant so I hung up. Like two weeks later this person called me back again and this time I was able to hear. It was a little kid probably like 10. He wanted to know why I had called him because he didn't know the number I was calling from. I told him it had been a mistake and I knew the previous owner of that number. He proceeded to ask me if I knew so and so and then if I was some girl he knew, I can't remember the names. I thought this was pretty funny because the area code is like 2 states over. I told him no I won't be calling him back again and to have a nice day.

Seriously, I wonder what this kid was thinking for like 3 weeks. I wonder if he was freaked out or thought it was "so cool". Little kids don't need cell phones- what's the point? They have enough stuff to get in trouble with....

Russell Crowe

I never really like him, some of his movies, they were ok but that guy there was something about him. It was proved again just how dumb he can be. Dude seriously your spotlight is going to be taken away soon!

The New Walker Art Center

I hadn't been to the Walker in at least three years and will all the hype about the beautiful addition I just had to go. Most of the artwork was as I remember it, lots of Warhol (yesssss). Some really cool new screenprinted eye wallpaper in the hallway where the bathrooms are and a really cool eye sculpture pod thing, I have no idea what it was, it was pretty though.

I saw a disturbing piece by Dinos and Jake Chapman, they had a piece in the Bronx Museum fiasco with the Virgin Mary with poop on her incident. It was really amazing to see a piece by them because I talked about one of their pieces for my aesthetics class this year. I also saw another piece by Chris Olifi, the man who created the Virgin Mary I just talked about. He also has work at the Tate Modern, beautiful.

When I found out there was a gallery at the walker with sculpture by Matthew Barney I almost had 10 heartattacks. I don't understand it, his films and artwork are so disturbing you can't look away, maybe it's because I'm not really sure what he's trying to say with his work. I had the pleasure of seeing part of one of his films last summer at the Tate Modern, at the time I had no idea what I was watching. He came up in aesthetics and I made the connection. I checked out a book of images at the library from one of his films but had to take it back the next day because it was freaking me out. See for yourself...

Great stuff to come in the next few months, Chuck Close and Andy Warhol- I'm there!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (books and movie)

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series is one of the cutest young adult book series I've ever read. Where were they when I was the right age to read them? They are the types of books people say "you can't put down." They are very sincere, life lessons are learned and mistakes made. So far there are three books in the series rumor has it a forth is on the way.

The movie was also very sweet. There were a few plot differences, I could live with them, it's not like it was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban the movie. Eek lets not talk about that mess. I thought the actresses were great in their roles I was surprised to find out that at least two of them didn't ever read the books during or before the filming of the movie, they did a great job.

If you are like most of the people that were in the theatre with me bring tissues and make sure to blow your nose quietly. Thanks.

If you click the link for the movie check out the personalized messages; you can call someone or rather they will call someone, trust me it's hilarious!

Update: I read today in the new Entertainment Weekly that all 4 girls are going to sign on for both the sequels if they are going to be made. According to the director he hopes to film them both next summer :-D

Ghost World (the graphic novel)

Finally after years of thinking I would never get my hands on Ghost World I saw it for sale twice this year. The second time I was smart enough to buy it. I had thought it was out of print, turns out they reissued it after the fame of the movie based on it. It only took me a few years to figure that out. After watching the movie like 8 times it's really interesting to read the graphic novel. Bits and pieces of the graphic novel were used to make the movie. The central point of the movie is only hinted at in a chapter of the graphic novel. It's really cool to see how they took the concept of the gn and the two main characters and wrote this whole other thing that still has the same feel as the gn.

If you haven't seen the movie see it and then after that read the graphic novel.
I love the illustration style as well.

The Tipping Point

Yes, I've probably already recommended this book by Malcolm Gladwell to you but hey if not listen up. The author talks about how things become epidemics, from Hush Puppies, to smoking, Seasame Street or Blues Clues. My favorite part of this book is his idea of the Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen. There are a lot of facts presented in an easy to understand way. I just loved it.

Right now Malcolm Gladwell has his second book BLINK on many bestseller lists. I'm looking forward to reading it.

The O.C. Season One

I just recently rewatched the whole first season of The O.C. Being a fan since episode one and just a few weeks ago watching the finale to season 2, I decided well it's been awhile. There is just something about this show. It's hilarious, the actors can really surprise you, yes it's like a primetime soap opera but with good music, really good music. Like with all series of anything, you have to start at the beginning. You can't jump in halfway through you are unable to see the progression of the story line and the growth of the characters. Right now on FOX The O.C. season 2 is playing everything Thursday throughout the summer. The DVD for the second season will be out the end of August.

Who can't love a show where every title starts with The....
Or that takes the time to do this.

"Sugar We're Going Down"

By the great Fallout Boy. Their second full length CD debated at #9 a few weeks ago which is crazy because like a year ago I met them and to everyone they were like nobody. But now they are rocking it out on Fuse with their video for "Sugar We're Going Down" It's hilarious because it's about this kid with deer antler and he meets a girl but her dad doesn't want them going out, he tries to shoot the boy with a bow and arrow but gets hit by a car and we find out that he himself has deer hooves (is that what deer have) and they live happily ever after. I actually believe they are going to be on TRL sometime this week as well.

You can find this really catchy song on their CD "From Under the Cork Tree" and also check out their other CD "Take This To Your Grave." Specifically listen for "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy." They also have 2 other CDC but this is enough for you to think about as it is.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Those of you who know me know how I love popular culture... Andy Warhol is THE best. Ever since I can remember I've had my eyes on books, magazines, music, TV, movies.... just way too much stuff. I love recommending things for people and letting them know what I've found. I'm going to use this blog to document my "romance" with whatever I encounter in popular and unpopular culture.
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