Saturday, July 23, 2005

Screenprinting: A Love/Hate relationship

This is my second time around in screenprinting, this time I'm considered advanced although all problems remain. It's been keeping me very busy the last two weeks hence no writing in the blog. So far I've almost completed two prints. I have like 2 layers (pulls) for the first, and about 6 for the second. So actually a lot more time and then after that 2 more prints. I'm pretty happy with my prints except for things refusing to line up, leaking ink, and a disgruntle screen that needs "surgery" everytime I take off the emultion. After every set of stencils is washed off more and more emultion is refusing to come off, creating clogs in the screen and not allowing ink to flow through in the future. The teacher has already used haze remover on it once which is supposed to help that. I'm going to have to use that stuff again. I think my screen hates me. I'll have to show you guys more work sometime. It's pretty different in some ways for me which is good. But you can still tell it's me! Hopefully in two weeks I will have 4 prints I have happy with, I wish there was more time to do more prints

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