Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Best Issue of Bust Ever!

I gasped when I saw this. I was so excited. And then a week later it came. In my mailbox was the new Oct/Nov issue of Bust featuring a cover interview with Miranda July! Ever since I discovered Bust about a year ago (late on the bandwagon) it's been blowing every other woman's magazine out of the water. And now this. Holy crap! And then it got better, I started reading the interview and heard about Learning to Love You More, which I had somehow missed even though the project had been going on for years! (Goodness I feel out of the loop it started in 2002) Loved her movie, loving her short story collection, so I had to preorder the new Learning to Love You More book. (It was supposed to come out last week but I don't think it's out yet) Anyone know more about this project than I do?

All I know is Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher started the project where they volunteered tasks for others to accept and complete and all the responses are posted on the website. It's such a great idea, I cannot tell if the tasks are still active or if they have stopped creating new ones. Definitely would like to give one a try. What a great idea!

Ali's Free Paintings

Several months back I heard about Ali Spagnola's free paintings project. She wants you to have her art and she wants you to have it for free. I really admire what she is doing and was overjoyed when I got an email awhile back saying she had done a painting for me (right), of my favorite animal, the tapir! You can track the paintings she is doing via her blog. Good luck Ali!

Hotel Chevalier

Being a HUGE Wes Anderson fan I scanned ITunes all morning in hopes of finding the free download for Hotel Chevalier. Finally I found it via a link posted on an imdb message board. Check it out!

Royal Tenebaums is my favorite film and my favorite of Wes's films, then Rushmore and then the Life Aquatic. This short has added to my high hopes for the Darjeeling Limited. It looks like it's going to be great possibly greater than the Life Aquatic?

I was somewhat startled (in a good way) to see an ipod in the short. Wes's films have always had the feeling of being set in a different era. It was rather exciting seeing the short being set in what was obviously this time period.

So excited!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Here's the trailers for the movie version of Atonement. Looks very promising!

Adrian Tomine interview in the new Giant Robot magazine

I've always been curious about Giant Robot magazine. Just picked this up today. If any of you are fans of him like I am you are going to love this. It's a six page interview!

Friday, September 07, 2007

It's been awhile

I have posted here or on the Ink Engine blog for some time now. I think it was a mix of laziness/feeling I didn't have anything to say/ and being busy reading other blogs! But now I have a list of things I'd like to post about!

Just started reading Atonement by Ian McEwan and Pretty Little Mistakes by Heather McElhatton (very close to each other on the Borders shelf!)

My friend lists Atonement as one of her favorite books so I had always wanted to read it. Then I watched some behind the scenes features on the movie version that's due to come out soon and knew now was my chance to read it. Books are always better before you see the movie versions. It's somehow become a personal goal to try and read books before seeing the movie version. I can say that that was not the case with the first few Harry Potter movies/books.

Pretty Little Mistakes is called a "Do-Over Novel" much like the children's Choose Your Own Adventure books. It's rather fun! It starts the day you graduate from high school and your first choice is to go to college or travel. It boasts 150 endings.

Some good movies to check out, described in two words or less:
Year of the Dog (Comedy/Drama)
The Devil and Daniel Johnston (Heartbreaking)
Cashback (Time stops)
Mirrormask (Sci-Fi/Artsy)
Little Manhattan (Adorable)

Booking Through Thursday

Came across this cute blog called Booking Through Thursday. Every Thursday a new question about books or reading is posted and the reader's post their responses. Very fun.

This Thursday's question: Are you a Goldilocks kind of reader?

Do you need the light just right, the background noise just so loud but not too loud, the chair just right, the distractions at a minimum?
Or can you open a book at any time and dip right in, whether it’s for twenty seconds, while waiting for the kettle to boil, or indefinitely, like while waiting interminably at the hospital–as long as the book is open in front of your nose, you’re happy to read?

My answer: I would say I am a Goldilocks kind of reader. I've realized I try not to be but always end up paying attention to the distractions around me while reading the same page over and over again because I'm unable to pay attention long enough to read more than a sentence at a time.

I also don't like to read for under say 5 minutes. I prefer to read for periods of time closer to 15-30 minutes at a time.

Slightly off subject, once I start a novel (this doesn't count for short stories) I like to finish it in under a few weeks or continuously read it until I'm done. If i put down a book and pick it back up months later I start from the beginning not from where I left off. I also find with most books when I have about 150-100 pages left I'm ready to be done and just read and read and read until I am. I'm not so sure if it's about wanting to know how to book ends or feeling that I'm ready to move on to the next book, I guess it depends on the book.
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