Monday, June 06, 2005

"Sugar We're Going Down"

By the great Fallout Boy. Their second full length CD debated at #9 a few weeks ago which is crazy because like a year ago I met them and to everyone they were like nobody. But now they are rocking it out on Fuse with their video for "Sugar We're Going Down" It's hilarious because it's about this kid with deer antler and he meets a girl but her dad doesn't want them going out, he tries to shoot the boy with a bow and arrow but gets hit by a car and we find out that he himself has deer hooves (is that what deer have) and they live happily ever after. I actually believe they are going to be on TRL sometime this week as well.

You can find this really catchy song on their CD "From Under the Cork Tree" and also check out their other CD "Take This To Your Grave." Specifically listen for "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy." They also have 2 other CDC but this is enough for you to think about as it is.

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