Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not Pictures this time

Ok ok I guess you don't just want to see pictures???

Well what do i have to say? Yesterday I finished up putting around 300 pins and connecting them with string in a paper mache globe. I took 190 pictures of glassware. Today I started making my very first canvas boy does that eat up a day. I'm in the process of starting to design two wine labels.

Try Izze sparkling juice. The cans are so beautiful and it tastes good as well. Watch Desperate Housewives, it's funny. Start a book club, we haven't even picked our first book and it's rather exciting. Listen to Head Automatic "Beating Heart Baby." Haven't stopped listening to that song since the summer.

I actually had alittle time over the break to watch some movies:

A lot Like Love- so so. It had it's funny moments.

Kung Fu Hustle- dumber than I thought it would be, probably don't watch.

Maria Full of Grace- pretty interesting and predictiable.

Dear Frankie- really sweet. I'd suggest this one. It's about a deaf boy who's mother authors letters from "his father" who's supposed to be out at sea. One day the boy finds out his father's boat is coming to shore and his mother hires a stranger to be a dad for the day...

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