Monday, July 25, 2005

Last Two Weeks in Movies

Smoke Signals- interesting, I thought it was building up to something but it just sort of ended....

Fantastic Four- just what I expected, it was funny and full of action, didn't have a very good plot, but I was prepared for that

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- better than I expected, it was hilarious, go see it now! look for the new oompha loopma songs

Dodgeball- rewatched this for a second time, funny, but not as funny as Old School but in the same genre

The Graduate- really sort of strange, it's from '67 so I didn't expect to be familiar with that type of filmmaking, although the director is still directing right now. It was strange how two songs were played over and over again like 3 or 4 times. For a PG movie it was interesting what was shown and what was just mouthed instead of spoken, strange....

Bottle Rocket- Wes Anderson's 1st movie, this was my third viewing, I bought it for 2 dollars, even though it was an illegal promotional copy...... i wanted the movie and they were selling it! It's not as great as his other movies but it sticks with his theme of humorous dialogue and situations, I like it more and more everytime I see it

Overboard- classic 80's movie. It's hilarious and sweet. I hope you've seen it

Mean Girls- I can't recall anyone that doesn't like this movie. It's hilarious, has a good message and is based on Non-Fiction, usually those don't turn into movies! Great stuff!

Clueless- it was pretty much my favorite movie until the Royal Tenebaums came along, it still has a place in my heart. After watching Clueless and Mean Girls right in a row they sort of have similar stuff going on. You know what I mean??

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