Thursday, June 29, 2006

Haven't written in awhile is anyone reading this? If you are please tell me!

I haven't written in awhile but yeah is anyone reading this? Please tell me if you are.

What I've read lately:
The Chesse Monkeys- about the art/design department of a school in the 50s
44 Scotland Street- originally serialized for a newspaper, it's about the going ons of an apartment building
Hypocrite in a pouffy white dress- stories from a lady's life growing up in NY as a hippie child
Persepolis- graphic novel
Scrapbook- collection of work by Adrian Tomine
Bitter is the New Black- memoir of a women losing her job, and taking her prada bag to the unemployment office
Persepolis 2- graphic novel
Paul has a summer job- graphic novel
Breakfast with Tiffany- man taking in his niece to live with him in NYC, memoir

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