Thursday, May 01, 2008

This Year In Movies: April

Extras Extra Special Series Finale -more serious than the rest of the show
I Could Never Be Your Woman -fun but something was a little off
Fever Pitch -a typical chick flick
How I Met Your Mother Season 1 - i couldn't fully appreciate the show until i watched all the episodes
Things We Lost In the Fire -pretty good
How I Met Your Mother Season 2 -and now i love love love it
Dan In Real Life -rather enjoyable, felt bad for dan like i did for ben stiller in meet the parents
Lust, Caution -eh ok
Chalte Chalte -not my favorite bollywood, a little too serious
The Kite Runner -pretty good, sad
Lars and the Real Girl -really liked this one
Forgetting Sarah Marshall-theatre -hilarious
Michael Clayton - didn't really like
La Fine del Mar- Intl Film Festival -quiet and slow
Ca Brule- Intl Film Festival -pretty not good
Namastey London -fun, a more modern bollywood
Om Shanti Om - love this one
Salaam-e-Ishq -a rewatch, had to watch this again right away, love it
Hannah Takes the Stairs - typical of these people, it's better than some of the others
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story - pretty dumb, in a bad way
Bee Movie -pretty good in an animated way
27 Dresses - not bad for a chick flick, still too predictable

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